MVP Development Services

Know how our Software Product Development team will deliver Minimum Viable Product in 90 days so that you can launch / use it.

Minimum Viability Product, popularly known by its acronym MVP, is a strategic process that aims at testing the viability of the concerned product, developing functionalities based on user feedback, and testing insights to develop into a professional, and optimized app that benefits businesses. Let`s look at our MVP Development Services.

MVP, although crucial, isn’t required by everyone. At times, when the user expectations are clear, and the functionalities too are limited, and well-defined, you may not need an MVP. However, you certainly require an MVP when you are about to launch an innovative product, that is, perhaps, one of its kind, and aims at bringing transformations.

Our MVP process, and approach helps you save a lot on monetary resources, as well as a lot of time that you may otherwise spend on developing a product without much clarity on how it will fare within the prospective market. Further, choosing us as your software application development partner translates the user feedback on the MVP into success for your company.


MVP Development Services

Our team comprises some of the best techno-strategic MVP developers that consider your requirements, market needs, consumer behavior, and consumer expectations. Careful consideration of all these factors helps our MVP developers develop a focused minimum viability product that sets the trajectory for a successful product!

At Fidel, we are one of the leading MVP developers developing MVP in 90 days for a wide range of businesses. Our process is well-defined and proven to ensure optimal results in the form of clarity, and a competitive MVP that further translates into a classy, and highly optimized application.

Our MVP Development Services

Our focused, customer-oriented, and result-oriented MVP development services aim to help clients optimize the insights received from the MVP launch and increase the likelihood of success through an already well-tested and proven product. Here’s what we offer through MVP services.

Single Feature MVP

Single Feature MVP

Our single feature MVP development in 90 days helps you build an extremely focused application that proves a specific solution to your user concerns. Further, it paves the way to other features and functionalities that add to the value of the application after receiving feedback from the MVP.

Prototype Design and Development

Our MVP expert developers design and develop prototypes that represent the final product. They enable them to attract investments and open the doors for an organized development process that follows it.

Prototype Design and Development
Pilot MVP Development

Pilot MVP Development

Our pilot MVP development helps you create the first real-time version of your application in around three to five months after identifying your target customer, and determining the product that needs to be developed.

Our MVP Process

At Fidel, we follow a very organized and focused process that helps us develop your MVP in 90 days. It comprises six essential steps that take the project towards completion, coupled with the highest product quality. Here’s how we develop your MVP in six stages and 90 days.

Initial Meeting and Determining the Project Scope

Initial Meeting and Determining the Project Scope

Our team meets you and understands the project scope. Besides, factors such as user experience, tech architecture, interface, etc. are defined during this process. We do this as quickly as possible, possibly in a day to provide value for money and enable a shorter route towards realizing the concept.

Preparing the Contract

Preparing the Contract

Now that the parties have mutually agreed on the idea, we make the contract and seek an agreement on the cost and scope of the project.

Setting Expectations

Setting Expectations

During this stage, we have two meetings, one with you, and the other with our team. It helps us set the expectations, and also set the ball rolling.

Iteration Process

Iteration Process

We employ the Agile and Scrum ban across the design, and development and final delivery stage of the project.

Release and Project Closure

Release and Project Closure

This stage comprises the final release and handover of the product to you, and closing the project from our side.

Product Support and Maintenance

Product Support and Maintenance

The sixth and the final stage of the project includes the provision of operational, and maintenance support, based on the existing or new terms conditions, and contract.

Benefits of MVP Services

Here are five reasons why companies must choose MVP over the risk of uncertainty, and compelling the fate of the application into the dark.

1. Iterative Development Process:

One of the most significant benefits of MVP is the iterative development process, involving the build-measure-learn process. It helps companies validate or invalidate their assumptions with minimal risk. Iterative development helps identify user pain points and enables companies to compute the right functionality. It involves continually testing assumptions against user feedback, and accordingly execute quick changes.

MVP Iterative Development Process
Testing the Company’s Business Concepts

2. Testing the Company’s Business Concepts:

MVP allows companies to test their business concepts. It involves introducing a product with only the necessary core functionalities and measuring how well it works within its target audience. Further, it allows them to make changes based on user feedback data. As a result, the final product is aligned with the user needs, and hence, stands a better chance of success.

3. Building a Financial Strategy Around the Product:

With so many app monetization strategies around, choosing the best one may prove challenging. MVP proves helpful in this regard. For instance, if the monetization strategy of an app revolves around in-app purchases, the company can leverage the MVP to evaluate the strategy’s effectiveness by checking if the users are willing to buy the add-on features of the app, or buy upgrades. If yes, great. It means the strategy is working. But, if not, the company may have to change the course.

Building a Financial Strategy Around the Product
Inspect the Demand for a Particular Product in the Market

4. Inspect the Demand for a Particular Product in the Market:

You develop a product and launch it. It may be an amazing product. Perhaps, the never before seen kind. However, if the users don’t need it, regardless of how useful it is, they won’t use it, and it won’t result in any profits for your company. MVP not only helps you test the core features and functionalities of a product but also evaluates its demand in the market. If users need it, they’ll respond to your MVP. If not, you know you need not launch it! It helps you save money, time, and also the energy that a full-fledged launch may incur.

5. Increase Investment Possibilities:

MVP helps you assess the features, functionalities, and demand of the product, and also the possibilities of customizations based on real-time user feedback. These factors create the base for a completely user-oriented product. Now that you’ve created a product that your target customers may be looking for, you increase the certainty of success and put forth a proposal that projects success based on user-insights. This is something that the investors may be curious about while investing in your product.

Increase Investment Possibilities, MVP

Why choose Fidel for MVP Services Solutions?

Here are ten reasons that make us the best MVP development company, and why you must choose us as your MVP development partner.

Quick Project Delivery

Quick Project Delivery:

We employ a team of experienced Scrum and Agile experts. It helps us deliver the project in a relatively quick time. As a result, you save a lot of money and time with us while enjoying very high quality and efficient products.

Transparent Delivery Process

Transparent Delivery Process:

We keep you updated throughout all the project phases to keep you in cognizance and control of the project’s progress. Our project managers ensure that you always know how the project is moving forward.

Recruitment Cost-Savings

Recruitment Cost-Savings:

Hiring us for your MVP project helps you save costs incurred in recruiting in-house resources. We offer flexible MVP development resources that work onsite and offsite based on your requirement.

Diverse Experience

Diverse Experience:

We’ve been in the tech space for years, and continue to work as MVP partners of a lot of companies from various industries. Our clientele includes companies from the banking, eLearning, eCommerce, manufacturing, automobile, and many other sectors.

Comprehensive Project Management

Comprehensive Project Management:

Once you hire us for your MVP project, rest assured that we will complete the project. Our experience and approach enable us to plan for contingencies, technical hassles, and several other concerns. Regardless of the complexities, we ensure the completion of the project.

Application of the Latest Cutting-Edge Technologies

Application of the Latest Cutting-Edge Technologies:

We leverage the latest technologies for your MVP to ensure the delivery of the desired levels of efficiency and competence.

Excellent Support Team

Excellent Support Team:

We employ some of the best and the most dedicated support specialists to provide round-the-clock support for your product. It helps you continue your business with minimal hassles.

Competitive MVP Development Packages

Competitive MVP Development Packages:

Our MVP development packages are competitively priced to help each of our prospects and clients reap the benefits of MVP.

Expert Resources

Expert MVP Resources:

We nurture the best, experienced, and qualified MVP developers to deliver highly efficient products in time.

Flexible and Customized Approach

Flexible Approach:

Our approach is flexible enough to accommodate last-minute changes, and deliver your expectations, despite complexities and technical challenges.

Connect with Fidel for MVP Development Services

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