Linguistic Testing Services

Language is one of the most significant and decisive factors when it comes to globalizing your business through localization. Consequently, whether a particular linguistic text is accurate or not matters! But it isn’t just grammatical accuracy that should be considered. Testing linguistic accuracy involves various factors like technical, contextual, and cultural accuracy!

At Fidel Softech, we are language experts with proficiency in over 100+ Indian and foreign languages worldwide. We provide comprehensive linguistic testing services that help our clients maintain the highest levels of linguistic quality. The service features in-depth scrutiny of a particular piece of content to ensure absolute accuracy and high-quality refined content.

Here’s what we provide under our linguistic testing services.

Linguistic Testing Services

Our Linguistic Testing Services

Technical and Grammatical Accuracy

Technical and Grammatical Accuracy

Our technical and linguistic experts collaborate to verify the technical and grammatical accuracy of a particular text. In the case of translations, our experts check if the translated sentence conveys the right technical meaning, isn’t transliterated, and adheres to the grammar rules of the translated language.

Cultural Correctness

A sentence may be technically accurate and grammatically correct. But what if it is culturally inappropriate? It could lead to repercussions that could spoil the company’s name and distance it from the target audience. So, something that applies to a particular language and culture may not necessarily be used in the other.
Thus, our experts do a scrupulous check that involves checking the cultural accuracy of the text. We perform a thorough check to identify culturally incorrect sentences, words, meanings, etc., to help maintain the client’s reputation.

Cultural Correctness<br />
Finding Synonyms

Finding Synonyms

Our language professionals are comprehensive experts who help prosper a particular piece of content with enriched words and easy-to-understand yet professional sentence formation. Additionally, we can also help you find the evolution or source of a particular word, phrase, etc., based on the client’s needs.

Why Choose Fidel for Linguistic Testing Services?

Here are ten reasons that make us a linguistic testing service provider with a difference!

  1. Team of experienced multilingual professionals
  2. Assured linguistics and cultural content accuracy
  3. Comprehensive linguistics testing services for books, websites, video content, eLearning books, etc.
  4. Accurate identification of cultural, technical, and linguistic inaccuracies
  5. Over a decade of experience
  6. Diverse, reputed, and long-running clientele
  7. Linguistics testing for various types of literature and content types
  8. Proficiency in 100+ Indian and foreign languages
  9. Enhanced linguistics quality
  10. Focus on linguistics, technical, cultural, and contextual accuracy

Outsource Your Linguistic Testing Services to Fidel

Linguistic accuracy and enhanced content quality derived from comprehensive linguistic testing could be your passport to success in newer regional markets. Leverage the language medium with Fidel. Partner with us for the best linguistic testing services. Connect with us at to discuss your linguistic testing needs with our experts.