Multilingual LangTech Services for IT and ITES

Add Language capability to your products and services for great User Experience (UX). Our team can make it quick and affordable for you.

LangTech, as the name suggests, combines language and technology. It aims to deliver an incredible user experience through translation, localization, annotation, transcription, and more. Whilst language is an integral aspect of LangTech, technology plays a vital role in enhancing the user experience and helping businesses connect more comprehensively with their target audience.

At Fidel, we are a LangTech company with expertise and extensive offerings across translation, localization, and other areas as mentioned above. Here’s more to our multilingual LangTech services for IT and ITES

Langtech – Frequently Asked Questions

LangTech Services

Software Localization Engineering

Code Health Check (For I18N issues)

I18N Code Scans (I18N Code Health Check)

Customized scans tailored to your needs, minimizing false alarms, and preventing technical debt. Make your software truly global with our I18N code scans. Beyond scans, we offer expert consulting, GUI translation automation, and continuous localization support.

I18N Issue Remediation

I18N Issue Remediation Service

Our expert engineers and modern technology built on SonarQube swiftly resolve I18N issues, including hard-coded strings, missing translations, and formatting errors. We optimize your software for global users, improving quality, reducing costs, and speeding up time to market.

GUI Content Localization Services

Software GUI & Content L10N Service

Our comprehensive L10N service transforms your software’s UI and content into all target languages. Benefit from cultural adaptation, impeccable translations, and top-tier quality assurance. Expand your global market reach, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost brand reputation.

Localization Quality Assurance

L10N QA Engineering Service

Introducing our new L10N QA engineering service, delivering comprehensive testing across all aspects of localized software. Expert engineers ensure functional excellence, linguistic accuracy, and a seamless user experience. Boost customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and safeguard your reputation.

AI Automation


Revolutionize your localization process with Fidel Softech’s AI-enabled Continuous Localization Automation (CLA). Benefit from swift and efficient localization, enhanced quality, faster market entry, and cost savings. Leverage AI and ML technologies to streamline your localization tasks.

Laravel Support and Maintenance

Machine Translation Services

Discover the power of Machine Translation (MT) – it’s come a long way! Enhance translation quality with our training, fine-tuning, and customization services. Gain better data control and uninterrupted access with our on-premise MT solutions. Let Fidel optimize your MT systems to meet your unique requirements.

Multimedia Localization Services

Multimedia Localization Services

Multimedia localization takes your videos, audio, and images to a global audience. We tailor visuals, text, and tone to your target audience. Our services include Audio Generation, Subtitle Generation, Data Labeling & Annotations. Enhanced accessibility, engagement, and performance. Trust Fidel for multimedia localization services.

Data Collection Services

Data Collection services

Explore Fidel various data collection services:

  • Market Research
  • Web Analytics
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Customer Surveys
  • Focus Groups

We specialize in collecting diverse data to support your goals.

Chatbot Localization Services

Chatbot Solutions

Revolutionize customer engagement with our AI Chatbot solutions. We offer NLU & Intent Classification, chatbot utterances, and in-depth chatbot analysis for smarter, more responsive interactions.

Migration Using Laravel

System & Tools Integration Services

Experience the benefits of system and tools integration with Fidel :

  • Boost Efficiency
  • Enhance Productivity 
  • Centralize Data
  • Reduce Costs
  • Informed Decisions
Transcription and Annotation

ChatGPT Applications

Elevate your localization and engineering services with ChatGPT applications. Unlock multilingual chatbots, real-time translation, content generation, and superior customer support, streamlining global success.

Software Localization Engineering

Other Services

  • Customized automation script for day-to-day automation needs
  • TM Maintenance & Cleanup: Ensure translation quality, reduce redundancy, and optimize performance in your TMs for flawless localization.

LangTech Services

Software Localization

LLM Development for AI-ML

We offer LLM development for AI and LLM developers to enable multiple applications like translation, text generation, content rewriting, sentiment analysis, and classification and categorization.

Video Localization

L10N Engineering

We understand the performance of a business can be increased by language enabled services. Therefore, Our ability to develop Language Process Automation tools makes us different from any other LSPs in the world.


Software Localization

Transcription & Annotation

Our team of multilingual linguistic professionals ensures the loftiest standards of transcription for all audio and video recordings.


ChatBot Support

Chatbot Data Creation

We provide linguistic solutions for ChatBots that include language support, conversation designing, and providing conversation designers.

Training AI engines

AI engine Data creation

Fidel’s data professionals work with a range of AI engines to create data that further proves helpful in training the engines.

Localization Services



We provide most accurate and relevant translations to ensure that the translations connect with the local learners in the long run.

Software Localization

Software Localization

Software Localization became essential for IT service providers to increase reach. It includes UI translation, language testing, documentation, games, web, and mobile applications.


Website Localization

At Fidel, we do exactly what is required to flourish in the native market.

Video Localization

Video Localization

We provide a range of services that cover every essential aspect of video localization, such as video dubbing, voice over, subtitling and more.

Game Localization Services

Game Localization

We offer a comprehensive game localization service package that includes 360-degree game localization.

Translation Services


Document Translation

our years of expertise in the translation and localization business, along with the human translation muscle and technological access, help us deliver the best and the most accurate document translations for a broad array of industries and in multiple formats.

Software Localization

Ads & Marketing Material

Fidel’s experience and expertise in translating ads and marketing material for a multitude of industries, and multiple formats help companies build their brand image in international as well as regional markets.


User Manual Translation

Fidel, one of the leading translation and localization companies, offers user manual translations for over 100 Indian as well as foreign languages, for a slew of products as well.

Language Services


Asian Languages

We possess native expertise in various Asian languages and a solid understanding of various Asian cultures which together contribute to accurate translations that help our clients connect with their target audience.

Software Localization

European Languages

We dedicate a team of native European languages experts, who have a deep cultural and linguistic understanding and expertise. We are known for our accurate translations and a broad array of European languages translation services.

Software Localization

Indian Languages

At Fidel, we are a team of Indian language translators with over a decade of experience and extensive expertise in translations for various business domains. We offer a range of Indian language translation services to meet the varying needs of our clients.


Middle East Languages

At Fidel, we are one of the leading Middle East languages translation service providers, with an unparalleled expertise and extensive experience in translations for business in the Middle-Eastern region.

Software Localization

African Languages

At Fidel, we are one of the leading African languages translation service providers with expertise and experience in many African languages. Our African language experts, quality assurance specialists and SMEs collaborate to ensure accurate and high-quality translation.

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