Multilingual Testing & Maintenance Services

Have you built a multilingual website, application, or web application to serve a broader group of multilingual audiences? Then, Fidel Softech, one of the leading multilingual service providers, can perform multilingual testing.

Our team of versatile testers can test every aspect of the product. Linguistic or language services are one of our core offerings. Accordingly, we work across multiple languages, devices, and marketplaces worldwide. Thus, we can test your application, portal, or website for various languages and submit an honest report about our observations and improvement suggestions. Here’s more to it.

Multilingual Testing & Maintenance Services

Our Multilingual Testing and Maintenance Services

Language is a sensitive concern. Hence, it requires meticulous, careful, and expert handling to ensure the correct message is conveyed without diluting its effect while taking care of cultural sensitivities.

Besides, content published in a particular language may not necessarily look the same in another language. For instance, while translating content from French to Arabic, the format and the space required for French words may differ from that of Arabic. Thus, while testing technical linguistic aspects, we also check page format and what kind of user experience it will translate to.

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Accordingly, our multilingual testers, while checking the app or website on the language front, inspect the multilingual content on various factors, including,

  • Translational accuracy
  • Grammatical correctness
  • Technical accuracy
  • Cultural appropriacy
  • Contextual relevance
  • Overall linguistic user experience

We conduct multilingual testing for over 100 Indian and foreign languages and language pairs. Our expertise across various languages and expert resources for each language we serve make us a distinguished linguistic partner.

Our service proposition also involves maintenance services. Accordingly, we provide the below maintenance services.

Linguistic Upgrades

We upgrade and update content across every language your website is translated to. Changes to the English language content happen by default. But local language changes demand manual changes. Our experts continuously monitor your website, app, and portal to align local language content with English content changes. It helps provide a uniform and consistent experience to your local language users.

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Content Format Alignment

While making changes to the content, we ensure the webpage format and local language script are aligned with each other. Again, it is one of the factors contributing to consistent user experience on the language and the visual front.

Why Choose Fidel Softech for Multilingual Testing Services?

Here are ten reasons to choose Fidel Softech for multilingual testing and maintenance services for your website, application, and portal.
1. Team of experienced multilingual experts
2. Regular linguistic updates and upgrades
3. Linguistic and cultural accuracy
4. Comprehensive multilingual testing services
5. Over 12 years of experience in linguistic services
6. Reputed and long-running clientele
7. Expertise in over 100 Indian and foreign languages
8. Enhanced user experience on the language front
9. Comprehensive test reports with improvement suggestions
10. Focus on linguistic, technical, cultural, and contextual accuracy for a better user experience

Outsource Your Multilingual Testing & Maintenance Services to Fidel

Localization is the way to success in local markets. Our multilingual testing and maintenance services can help you ensure you deliver what it takes to impress when it comes to their local language. So, connect with us at +91-20-49007800 or write us at .