L1 – L2 Support Services for Japan

IT concerns vary in nature and complexity. Besides, when many users use a particular application, you cannot have a single team handle all the technical issues. It will not only delay service but also affect production.

The key to handling technical concerns effectively and efficiently is prioritization. And that, precisely, is possible via creating levels of services. Thus, IT support is divided into Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. You have a Level 0 as well. But it is for very basic concerns that the users can resolve via reading easy-to-understand FAQs.

At FidelSoftech, we provide accurate, efficient, and effective Level 1 (L1) and Level 2 (L2) support in the Japanese language. We provide L1 and L2 support for Japan for multiple applications and companies from various business domains. Our technical professionals ensure strict adherence to SLAs and ensure seamless troubleshooting through their extensive technical knowledge and prompt customer support. Here’s more to them.

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What is Our L1 Support Service?

L1 Support Services

L1 is our first support line. Our technical experts usually provide this support through phone, chat, or email. It is a fundamental service involving help desk resolution and service desk delivery. We usually provide L1 support to record user requests, reply to user emails, respond to them over calls and user login issues and perform basic troubleshooting via the issue-related questionnaire. If L1 doesn’t have a solution, our technical experts either auto-escalate or manually take it up to the next level.

What is Our L2 Support Service?

Our L2 support involves providing comprehensive troubleshooting, backend support, and detailed technical analysis. It comprises more experienced and technically proficient professionals capable of handling more advanced issues. Within this tier, our experts may not necessarily and directly communicate with the front-end user. But they will provide comprehensive backend support to resolve the issue accurately.

L2 Support Services

Why Choose FidelSoftech for L1 and L2 Support for Japan?

We are a lang-tech company with expertise in over 100 Indian and foreign languages, including Japanese. But that’s not the only reason that makes us the right choice for L1 and L2 support for Japan. Here are some more factors that make us one.

Expert Resources

Native Japanese-Speaking Technical Experts:

We have a team of native Japanese-speaking technical experts who provide personalized technical support.

Technical Accuracy

High Level of Technical Accuracy:

Our experienced professionals provide technically accurate solutions that contribute to user delight.

Experience at Global-Scale Projects

Prompt User Responses:

We believe in speed as much as we do in accuracy and personalization. Our experts manage every query well to ensure prompt responses to each user’s concerns.

Extremely Focused and Result-Oriented Hiring Process

Focus on User Satisfaction and Value:

Our technical specialists focus on delivering user satisfaction and value with every call and email that they handle.

Feature Management

Efficient Ticket Management:

We enable users to raise queries and track them to know their real-time status. Thus, users don’t have to call us or wait for anyone to know their ticket status.

Outsource Your ServiceNow Services to Fidel

If you’ve been looking for L1 and L2 support for Japan, connect with us. We will be delighted to be your technical support partners and to provide you with complete value. Please email us to sales@fidelsoftech.com to learn more about our services.