Engineer-As-A-Service (EaaS)

Many times, companies or internal departments have specific tasks which require IT support. Due to lean IT teams, many times internal resources are not enough and neither there is a budget to hire a temporary resource for few months.

The tasks could vary as example –

  • Extracting data from the database to be used by marketing team
  • Creating macros or graphs and analyze the data
  • Adding a small feature in existing code
  • Administration of AWS (Amazon web services)

And many more specific tasks.

Engineer As A Service

Fidel offers an EaaS solution whereby Fidel will make an engineer available on a 40 hour minimum services basis. The Engineer will have specific skillsets needed to accomplish the task and the client can directly communicate the task to the developer using slack or skype like communication tools.

A timesheet will be provided as a deliverable and client can verify the efforts and time consumed to complete the activity. This is beneficial for clients who have specific or routine tasks to accomplish and do not have in-house IT staff.


Following technologies are supported. For any specific technology support, please reach out.

Cloud AWS, Azure
Languages Java, .NET, PHP, Python
Digital Technologies HTML5, AngularJS , nodeJS
Database mySql, pSql, MongoDB, SqlServer
Enterprise S/W ServiceNow
Tools Microsoft tools (Word / Excel / Powerpoint)
CMS Drupal, WordPress, Joomla
Ecommerce Magento
DTP Indesign, Framemaker, Photoshop
Prototype Marvel

Engineer-As-A-Service, Fidel

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