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Hiring and staffing for project delivery is taking more time and effort than ever in recent times. HR and delivery teams are spending major time on re-skilling of existing members or hiring of new members. Despite rolling offers, the HR or delivery team is not sure if the candidate will join on the given day thereby causing risks and delays to the projects. Further hiring costs and salaries have skyrocketed. Lastly often it is found that staffing companies just arrange candidates from the market without any ownership or responsibility for joining or trained skillsets thereby again jeopardizing the start date and delivery timelines.

Consulting, Staffing & Manpower Services

Fidel supports its client project deliveries through effective and timely staffing and manpower services. For this, Fidel has a unique bench and train model because of which Fidel can assure joining of the staff on the given day. This model involves hiring of junior or mid-level staff where Fidel team trains them in certain areas and holds a bench. This team can be scaled up for certain projects based on the requirement.

For the initial 12 months, the staff is on Fidel role and subcontracted to the client after which the client has an option to hire them directly on their rolls on mutually agreed fees.

Fidel provides training and keeps staff ready for specific technologies and areas (as these areas also match Fidel competencies) –

 Staffing support for capital markets FIX connectivity Staffing support for capital markets / FIX connectivity

Staffing support for capital markets / FIX connectivity

Fidel has a specialized training course on FIX messaging, connectivity, entire trade flow, front office -middle office – back office operations, reporting with testing requirements. These trained candidates can be directly deployed on FIX related or capital market projects.

Staffing support for python – reactJS –

PowerBIFidel trains the members on basic crawling, parsing, UI, DB connectivity, scripting work using python and reactJS. These members can be further trained and deployed on projects. Fidel has a competency center in data analytics, data visualization, data mapping and reporting using tools such as PowerBI.

Staffing support for python – reactJS - PowerBI
Staffing support for ServiceNow skillsets

Staffing support for ServiceNow skillsets

Fidel has specialized competency center for ServiceNow and members are trained on ITSM, ITBM, ITOM, Knowledge base and HR modules. Basic administration, ongoing operational support, creating workflows, customization with OOTB deployment are areas where these candidates are trained.

Staffing support for AutomationAnywhere / RPA

Fidel also works and trains its members on AutomationAnywhere and RPA operations.

Staffing support for AutomationAnywhere / RPA
Bilingual Japanese PMO and coordinators Bilingual Japanese PMO and coordinators / BA / Developers / Testers

Bilingual Japanese PMO and coordinators / BA / Developers / Testers

Fidel has access to Japanese bilingual staff. This is for BA / testing / PMO and coordination / development. Fidel also has a training module for N3 and N2 certifications and provides customized training (eg. SAP candidates with Japanese training) for specific skillsets.

With a pre-trained staff, the client simply has to specify the joining date and the number of team members required and Fidel will make the staff available.

Benefits of this approach –

Hiring bilingual resources benefits in you in various ways. Here are five reasons that make hiring bilingual resources a must in today’s competitive business environment.

  1. High predictability of joining and Controlled costs
  2. With sufficient duration, scaled up team (eg. 10 trained members of similar skillsets) can be reserved
  3. Flexibility to hire after 12 months
  4. Specialized customized pre-training done
  5. Backup and support provided by Fidel

Fidel is an ISO9001, ISO27001 organization with 18+ years of IT services delivery, project solutioning and agile implementation.
Fidel is keen to work with organizations thereby creating a win-win model for young engineers as well as world class product firms or services delivery firms.

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