Data Analytics Support Services

Utilize data analytics support services to discover new insights and define strategies for business growth.

These days, businesses generate massive chunks of business data every day. A lot of the data that these companies produce, aid decision making in business. However, a considerable amount of it remains unutilized. For instance, many companies do not know how much data they collect daily, and around 40% of the data they collect remains unused.

Given the competition and the growing significance of data, data analytics proves a modern technological solution that involves examining datasets to derive conclusions on the information they contain. It enables you to use raw data, identify patterns to get valuable business insights. Data Analytics also deals with assessing business data that can further convert into insights to help businesses use real-time business data to make informed decisions, identify trends and patterns, and make near to accurate projections.

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Fidel is one of the leading data analytics companies that helps you leverage raw datasets to benefit your business. We work as the data analytics support partner for companies from a range of industries, including retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, banking, etc. Partnering with Fidel enables you to use business data, examine it, and transform it into business-ready information.

Database : SqlServer, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle
Languages : Python
Reporting Tools : PowerBI, Tableau, Crystal Reports
Other : Speech to text and other home-grown tools, TensorFlow

Our Data Analytics Support Services

As one of the best data analytics support companies, Fidel offers the most comprehensive data analytics support covering a wide range of services.

Product Roadmap and Architectural Development, Fidel

Data Identification and Cleansing

Fidel works with departments across various verticals of the organization, identifies data sources, and then works closely with the team to pick out key data, cleanse it, and compile it in a database or a repository. We deploy bilingual business analysts, and onsite engineers to ensure data security, confidentiality, and quality.

Data Modeling and Analytics

Our expert data professionals leverage various tools and technologies, coupled with their experience to identify key impact areas. They then start working on the data. Our data scientists work onsite to model the data and ensure iterative work to achieve the desired goals.

Strategic Product Consulting and Software Product Development Services, Fidel
Software Development and Product Integration, Fidel


Our data professionals use the latest and business-specific tools, and technologies develop reports and maintain them on an ongoing basis. Some of them include Domo, Tableau, and Power BI.

Vernacular Data Creation

Fidel’s data professionals work with a range of AI engines, and Chatbots to create data that further proves helpful in training the engines. Our expertise in several South Asian and ASEAN languages, helps us provide other services such as transcriptions and annotations, to deliver data in a format relevant to the client’s business.

Comprehensive Product Testing Services, Fidel
Comprehensive Product Testing Services, Fidel

Sentiment Analytics

Our comprehensive sentiment analytics helps clients align their operations and bring in improvements based on customer feedback. We do so through contact center analysis, wherein our experts collect data for analysis, transcription, and then conduct thorough sentiment analysis to understand the client’s pain points, and their concerns while dealing with a particular service.

Sales Analytics

We help you optimize your Salesforce use and regional strategies to get the best out of your sales teams. Our data professionals help you make market projections and compute the sales potential of a particular area, consumer-base, product, and service to help you align your strategies.

Comprehensive Product Testing Services, Fidel
Comprehensive Product Testing Services, Fidel

Marketing Analytics

We apply the latest and relevant tools and techniques to measure the effectiveness of market spending and project RoI. Besides, our data scientists help you fetch the necessary insights from your social media efforts to understand customer sentiments, and also identify market trends. We also help you improve multi-channel attribution models to find the most effective marketing channels for optimal and sustainable results.

Customer Analytics

To help you analyze your customers, and know them well to devise strategies that work, provide offerings that resonate with them, and create services and products that they need.

Comprehensive Product Testing Services, Fidel
Comprehensive Product Testing Services, Fidel

HR Analytics

Assess and analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of your HR operations to streamline various processes, including hiring, training, payroll, employee administration, compliance, etc.

Operational Analytics

Fidel’s operational analytics services help you measure your business’s existing and real-time operations. Our professionals help process data that converts into insights that help you make the necessary changes in your existing operational workflows and procedures to align it with the results that match your consumers’ expectations.

Comprehensive Product Testing Services, Fidel
Comprehensive Product Testing Services, Fidel

Performance Analytics

Our performance analytical support helps you leverage data relating to the performance of every unit across the organization. The insights prove a guideline to bring the necessary improvements in departmental and organizational performance, thereby also increasing customer satisfaction levels.

Why Choose Fidel for Data Analytics Support?

Here are five reasons why you must choose Fidel for data analytics support.

Pre Market Testing

Experienced and Certified Data Analytics Professionals

We have a team of experienced and certified data professionals that use the latest tools and technologies, and leverage their experience, along with business-specific strategic expertise to ensure the best results.

Project-Specific Models

Broad Range of Data Analytical Support

Our range of data analytical support services include performance analytics, HR analytics, sales analytics, marketing analytics, customer analytics, etc. The range of our services and expertise makes us a bankable data analytics support partner amidst the competitive business environment.

Feature Management

Diverse Industry Experience

We continue to work with a range of industries and businesses of varying sizes across the business horizon. That enables us to handle more complex projects and deliver sustainable analytical solutions to our clients.

Application of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Organized Data Analytical Process

We follow an organized data analytics process that involves everything from understanding your requirement to providing insights that help you resolve your business concerns, and make the necessary improvements to achieve the objectives.

Exclusive Focus on User Experience

Bilingual Support

A lot of our data professionals are bilingual. It helps us in delivering more personalized service to you.

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