L10N QA Engineering Service

Fidel Softech is proud to announce the launch of its new L10N QA engineering service. This service helps businesses to ensure the quality of their localized software by providing comprehensive testing services. Our L10N QA engineering service empowers businesses to confidently navigate the intricacies of localized software, ensuring that their products adhere to the most rigorous standards.

We understand the importance of seamless localization in today’s global market, and our service is tailored to address these demands effectively. Partner with Fidel Softech to achieve seamless localization appropriate to today’s global market. Our service ensures language accuracy and cultural appropriateness, going above and beyond in pursuit of perfection. Our L10N QA engineering service will improve the dependability, precision and competency of your software.

L10 QA Engineering Services

Comprehensive L10N QA Testing

Our L10N QA testing service is comprehensive and covers all aspects of localized software testing, including:

Code Health Check (For I18N issues)

Functional testing

We meticulously test the functionality of localized software, ensuring it operates flawlessly across all intended languages, meeting the highest standards of performance and reliability.

I18N Issue Remediation

Linguistic testing

To ensure that localized software reflects cultural subtleties accurately and adheres to high standards of appropriateness, we carefully examine the linguistic accuracy and cultural appropriateness of the software.

GUI Content Localization Services

UI/UX testing

We conduct comprehensive evaluations to gauge the usability and user experience of localized software, employing rigorous testing methodologies to ensure optimal performance.

Localization Quality Assurance

Performance testing

We extensively test the performance of translated software to ensure that it continuously meets or surpasses performance benchmarks in all authorized languages, pushing the boundaries even further.

AI Automation

Compatibility testing

We test the compatibility of localized software with different platforms, devices, and operating systems, ensuring flawless performance and seamless integration in various environments.

Expert QA Engineers

Our L10N QA engineers are experts in localized software testing. They have a deep understanding of the challenges involved in testing localized software and use a variety of tools and techniques to ensure the highest quality results.

QA Engineers and Cost Effective

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Our L10N QA testing service is efficient and cost-effective. We use a variety of tools and techniques to automate the testing process, which helps us to save you time and money

Benefits of L10N QA Engineering

Ensuring the quality of localized software is essential for businesses that want to succeed in global markets. L10N QA engineering can help you to:

Unicode support

Reduce the risk of releasing localized software with errors

L10N QA testing can help you to identify and fix errors in your localized software before it is released to customers. This can help you to avoid the costs and reputational damage associated with releasing software with errors.


Improve the quality of your localized software

L10N QA testing can help you to improve the quality of your localized software by ensuring that it is functionally correct, linguistically accurate, culturally appropriate, and easy to use.


Cultural adaptation

Increase customer satisfaction

Releasing high-quality localized software can help you to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.



Reduce support costs

Releasing high-quality localized software can help to reduce support costs by eliminating the need to provide support for software errors.

Contact us today to learn more about our new L10N QA engineering service and how we can help you to ensure the quality of your localized software.

Engineering Best Practices for L10N QA

In addition to L10N QA testing, there are a number of engineering best practices that can help you to improve the quality of your localized software. These best practices include:

translation management system

Use a translation management system (TMS)

A Translation Management System (TMS) is a powerful tool that can significantly boost your capacity to manage translation processes with heightened efficiency and effectiveness while also enriching content management capabilities.

Machine Translation

Use machine translation (MT) for bulk translation

Machine translation (MT) can quickly and accurately translate large amounts of text. Nonetheless, it is critical to conduct post-editing on all MT-generated content to ensure linguistic clarity and cultural relevance.

Continuous Localization

Use a continuous localization process

Continuous localization is a process of integrating localization into the software development cycle. This helps to ensure that localized software is released on time and to the same quality standards as non-localized software.

Localiized Software Testing

Test your localized software early and often

Early testing of localized software is critical to ensuring its functionality across multiple areas and languages. By identifying and correcting problems early on, teams can avoid potential setbacks and costly rework later in the development process.

By following these best practices, you can help to ensure the quality of your localized software and meet the expectations of your global customers.

Connect with us at sales@fidelsoftech.com to learn more about our new software GUI & content L10N service and how we can help you to localize your software for global markets.