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Build a Comprehensive and Competent New Technology Lab with Fidel’s Lab as a Service (LaaS)

The journey to achieving complete digital transformation comprises factoring in a lot of strategic technology elements, developing a comprehensive and competent IT environment. Building a new technology lab is one of them. At Fidel, we provide Lab as a Service to support our clients’ innovations by enabling quicker prototyping, testing, and launching their digital products in a faster and better manner.

Our Lab as a Service comprises end-to-end handholding that covers everything from ideation to implementation. We help our clients set up a comprehensive and competent new technology lab that expedites the overall cycle time, generates quicker results, and therefore allows companies to make faster and informed investment decisions. If you intend to outsource Lab as a Service, choose Fidel and get the following services.

New Technologies lab

Our Lab as a Service Services

Product Roadmap and Architectural Development, Fidel

New Technology Lab Consulting and Designing

We develop a highly optimized and customized lab environment, compliant and aligned with your business needs. Besides, we offer cloud-supported on-demand shared resource access. So, your design, development, and testing team works in an optimized and customized lab environment.

Incident Management

Our extensively experienced lab development team members resolve problems in real-time and maintain an optimal lab environment at all times. We leverage the latest predictive technologies to track and fix bugs much before they appear. Besides, we facilitate seamless interaction through efficient and prompt communication channels to ensure quicker incident management.

Strategic Product Consulting and Software Product Development Services, Fidel
Software Development and Product Integration, Fidel

Customized Test Environment

We develop a test environment that meets your business needs and the best standards. It helps you create and test your products in a real-time simulating environment, thus bridging the gap between production and product testing.

Test Automation Support

We provide automated testing support to facilitate the quicker real-time evaluation of your product, thus reducing your Go-To-Market time. We leverage various technologies such as pre-built automation frameworks, coupled with application lifecycle management tools and defect management technologies that ensure comprehensive and effective test automation.

Software Development and Product Integration, Fidel
Software Development and Product Integration, Fidel

Infrastructure Management

With us, you always stay on top of your IT environment by exercising better control and having complete visibility of your IT infrastructure. We facilitate a range of features such as real-time system visibility, comprehensive analytical reports, and continual monitoring to provide an efficient and optimized IT infrastructure.

Multilingual 24/7 Support

We provide multilingual 24/7 support for high lab efficiency, real-time problem solving, and deliver personalized customer service to our customers from various parts of the world and operating across multiple geographies globally.

Comprehensive Product Testing Services, Fidel

Why Choose Fidel for Lab as a Service?

Ideation and Project Planning

End-to-End LaaS Services

Our end-to-end LaaS services make us one of the best LaaS service providers and give you a competitive edge while choosing us as your global LaaS partner.

Quality Assurance and Testing<br />

Result-Oriented Lab Development

While complying with the processes and procedures, we work with a result-oriented lab development approach that helps you create sustainable business value from the investments you make in developing a new technology lab.

Ideation and Project Planning

Reduced Go-To-Market Time

We develop labs that enable quicker development and automated testing processes to reduce your Go-To-Market time. So, with us, you launch your products quickly and efficiently than otherwise working in a conventional development environment.

Ideation and Project Planning

Expert Lab Development Specialists

We nurture a team of specialist lab development specialists that ensure the meticulous development of every element required to materialize your digital ideas and help your digital efforts come to fruition.

Ideation and Project Planning

Dedicated Project Managers

We assign dedicated project managers that ensure end-to-end handling of the project, provide regular updates, and works a single point of communication for your team members.

Ideation and Project Planning

Multilingual 24/7 Support

Our multilingual 24/7 support covers you globally and ensures uninterrupted operations at all times throughout the day. 

Ideation and Project Planning

Facilitation of LaaS Resource

We also provide LaaS developers and resources on an outsourced basis. You can hire them as and when you want, scale the team, downsize it, depending on your requirements, and that too without having to manage salaries and administrative costs. Besides, we also help you hire LaaS professionals on a full-time or a contractual basis, depending on your needs.

Ideation and Project Planning

Reduced Lab Infrastructure Costs

We help you reduce your lab infrastructure costs by leveraging solution accelerators, pre-built assets, and automation frameworks that expedite and simplify the overall process of lab facilitation and also lower the deployment cost.

Ideation and Project Planning

Zero Downtime Deployment

Our product deployment environment ensures continual delivery and security testing, thus enabling pro-active bug testing, and fixing errors in real-time, and ensuring optimal system availability at all times.

Ideation and Project Planning

Flexible Environment

We provide an API-powered flexible and automated lab environment. Our technology access and application expertise allow you to deploy prototypes through tailored self-service portals and perform critical activities regression testing, configuration, and integration on assets, including the virtual and that on-premise.

New Technologies Lab

Partnering with Fidel is your key to leverage a competitive and productive lab environment for quicker development, testing, and deployment. Connect with Fidel at +91-20-49007800 or write an email to for more details on our Lab as a Service services. Fill the form and get in touch if you have any questions or doubts and we will get in touch with you shortly.