Software Product Development as a Service

Unleash the Power of the Most Efficient, Customized, and Competitive Software Products

The rapidly evolving and highly competitive business environment makes it imperative for enterprises to use software products and applications, helping them sustain the competition and making them stand out from the crowd. It points towards technology investments that bring results.

As one of the leading SaaS product development company, Fidel amasses years of experience, evolved expertise, and technological and strategic capabilities. We develop software products or companies to help them achieve their objectives, by minimizing expenses, increasing efficiency and outsmart the competition.

At Fidel, we leverage the latest cutting-edge product development technologies, use robust frameworks, and follow modern and efficient processes that help ISVs to develop, and our clients to get a comprehensively developed and tested software product.

Our product development experts follow the best, focused, and result-oriented enterprise-level coding and development practices. Therefore, the products we develop help our clients explore the power of technology, and they optimize its use to the benefit of their business.

Product Development, Saas Development, Application Development, Product Migration

Our experience of working with a range of industries and proven success across every domain helps us deliver excellent software products through a variety of services and solutions. We focus on agile product development, and thus reduce design time, Go-To-Market time, thereby becoming a competitive software product development company that you must partner with.

We cover SaaS Product Development and Consulting, Multi-Tenant Architectural Upgrades, Application Development, and Technology Migration, and Product Testing through our SaaS programming services and solutions. These services and solutions make us a comprehensive and sustainable product development partner.

Our IT Product Development Services

Our comprehensive range of product development services covers every essential function that leads to an unmatched and highly efficient software product. Here’s what you get out of partnering with Fidel for product development as a service.

Product Roadmap and Architectural Development, Fidel

Product Roadmap and Architectural Development

Our products aim at helping you outperform your competitors and pave the way to sustainable success amidst the competitive business landscape. In this view, we develop competitive, highly functional software applications and products that offer excellent user experience and deliver the highest levels of customer service.

Our product development incorporates the Agile methodology, coupled with an extensible, scalable, and highly competitive product architecture. However, besides Agile, we follow many other methodologies, including Scrum, Spiral, Rational Unified Processes Model, Prototyping, Waterfall, Iterative Model, and Rapid Application Development.

Strategic Product Consulting and Software Product Development Services

Our strategic understanding of technology and diverse businesses define our capability to provide strategic consulting to our clients. As technology experts, we know what will work and what won’t for your business on the technology front. We don’t limit our expertise to product development but extend it to conducting product research, developing strategy while keeping your business objectives in mind, and, therefore, proving a long-term techno-strategic partner of your business.

Strategic Product Consulting and Software Product Development Services, Fidel
Software Development and Product Integration, Fidel

Software Development and Product Integration

At Fidel, our organized approach, and well-defined and proven product development processes give us an edge over our competitors. We don’t work as technical experts, but comprehensive product development partners that work with a careful consideration of your long-term as well as short-term business objectives.

Our design, development, testing, and integration processes align with the client’s business goals, and hence, we assure our clients the best results.The products we develop help companies fulfill end-user needs, respond to the dynamic business environment, reduce costs, and reap optimal value.

Comprehensive Product Testing Services

Our product testing services aim to hand over to you a highly efficient, customized product that’s aligned with your business requirements. Our qualified and experienced testers test the product on the necessary parameters that collectively contribute to the fulfillment of business goals.

Comprehensive Product Testing Services, Fidel

Our Software Product Development Process

Ideation and Project Planning

Ideation and Project Planning

  • Ideating and assessing the concept
  • Roadmap development
  • Planning customization, integration, API strategies, and the security aspect of the product.
Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing

We test the software product on various parameters, including

  • Integration Testing
  • Functional, Performance, and Usability Testing
  • Structural and Exploratory Testing
  • Regression Testing and New Functionality Testing
  • Release Testing
Product Architecture Design

Product Architecture Design

Develop architecture that is in sync with the overall objectives, and that defines factors such as reliability, maintainability, and product performance. The architecture types we implement

  • Reactive architecture
  • Microservices
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • 3-tier architecture
Actual Product Development

Actual Product Development

Our actual development process includes working on all the pre-decided factors, incorporating changes thereafter, and developing a robust, smart, and efficient software product.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

  • UX study and research
  • Analyzing user behavior
  • Optimizing the UI layout
  • A/B testing
Product Integration

Product Integration

Integration is an essential aspect of your product development proposition. We set a CI/ CD pipeline to identify, and reduce risks relating to the future integration of the product with other systems prevalent within your business.

Why Choose Fidel for IT Product Development as a Service (PDaaS)?

Here are ten reasons that make us the best product development service company.

Pre-Market Testing

Pre-Market Testing:

You get a complete pre-market validation of the necessary features and prototype to test your success in the market.

Project-Specific Models

Project-Specific Models:

We tailor project-specific models from the standard ones based on user needs.

Feature Management

Feature Management:

Our product developers and business analysts collaborate to incorporate the latest, in-demand, and relevant UI/ UX features in your product to augment its competence, and enhance its sustainability in the market.

Application of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Application of Cutting-Edge Technologies:

We employ the latest and the most competitive technologies to fulfill business needs, and optimize the RoI of the applications.

Exclusive Focus on User Experience

Exclusive Focus on User Experience:

With us, you get a completely fine-tuned solution with your user and business needs. Our team monitors routine user-feedback, and experiences relating to your product, and resolves it in the quickest, and the most comprehensive manner possible.

Progress Monitoring and Tracking

Progress Monitoring and Tracking:

Our products focus on delivering tangible results. It enables us to measure your team’s efficiency, comparative improvements, and also get a clear picture of the product quality at all times.

Continual Technological Upgrades

Continual Technological Upgrades:

We believe in constant evolution and upgrade. Hence, we keep updating and upgrading our technology stack to ensure optimal product efficiency and the desired results.

Reduced Go-To-Market Time

Reduced Go-To-Market Time:

With us, you enjoy a considerably reduced Go-To-Market time. The methodologies we use, coupled with our organized product development process, enable quicker product development, and therefore a reduced time to market.

Customized and Flexible Product Development Packages

Customized and Flexible Product Development Packages:

Our product development service packages are flexible, and competitively priced to match your business needs. It gives us the opportunity to work as the product development partner for a wide range of companies, right from startups, SMEs, to global enterprises.

Wide Range of Product Development Services

Wide Range of Product Development Services:

We support your business right from ideation to testing and delivering the product. That makes us an end-to-end partner for product development as a service.

Outsource Your Software Product Development to Fidel

So, why live with the challenges of an inefficient and incompetent product? Outsource product development as a service to a global partner like Fidel, and develop a robust, and modern software product for your business.Connect with us at +91-20-49007800 or write to us at if you are looking forward to partnering with an extended product development team for your business. Fill the form and get in touch if you have any questions or doubts and we will get in touch with you shortly.