ServiceNow FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Find the answers on most commonly asked ServiceNow FAQ.

Which services should I expect in an end-to-end ServiceNow service package?

A comprehensive ServiceNow package includes the following services. The below services enables better ServiceNow and IT environment management.

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a ticketing tool used to process and catalog customer service requests. It helps you manage requests relating to incidents, problems, changes, and other services. All along, ServiceNow has become a major digital transformation tool. Besides ITSM that continues to remain its core function, ServiceNow has ventured into other services as well. It includes security, HR service delivery, IT, business application, and customer service.

The advent of the cloud has proved helpful for ServiceNow’s growth into a cross-departmental platform that works as an enterprise cloud solution. It is now transformed into a highly efficient integrated cloud solution that combines these services in a single record system. Furthermore, ServiceNow fits into a range of cloud deployment models. It includes on-premise, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

How does ServiceNow pave the way to digital transformation?

ServiceNow proves an effective and sustainable tool in helping organizations achieve their objective of digital transformation. It works as a single system of records for IT, automates a range of otherwise time-consuming, routine manual tasks, standardizes several business processes, consolidates legacy systems, develops custom applications, and evolves the IT service model to service domains in and outside the enterprise.

Engaging with a reputed and comprehensive ServiceNow consultant further expedites the organization’s journey to achieving complete digital transformation.

How does Fidel prove to be the best ServiceNow support company?

Fidel employs a team of ServiceNow infrastructure, cloud and ServiceNow application experts that possess a comprehensive understanding of IT and business operations. They know how to integrate ServiceNow to digitize the company’s business workflows. Besides, Fidel’s ServiceNow professionals provide creative professional services associated with ServiceNow architecture, implementation, etc.

How do Fidel’s ServiceNow experts ensure the best ServiceNow solutions and services?

Fidel employs some of the best, and experienced ServiceNow resources. It includes consultants, architects, support specialists, implementation experts, etc. Fidel’s ServiceNow team has a techno-strategic understanding of the ServiceNow requirements of diverse businesses. The team crafts ServiceNow solutions and services to ensure optimized results and help companies achieve their objectives of improved ServiceNow management, IT excellence, and digital transformation.

How does Fidel render comprehensive ServiceNow support to its clients worldwide?

Fidel’s capabilities, experience, and expertise across ServiceNow help it offer a full-range of ServiceNow services. It includes everything right from ServiceNow Consulting, ServiceNow Implementation, ServiceNow Migration, ServiceNow Development, ServiceNow Support, and ServiceNow Managed Services.

Does Fidel provide ServiceNow training support?

Yes, Fidel’s training support includes the following,

  • Proposition of a training program and the training schedule
  • Online and onsite ServiceNow training
  • Training material
  • An assessment grid for each training course (to be filled out by users).
Can Fidel help with a budget for my ServiceNow requirement?

Yes. Fidel provides a complete report of the proposed ServiceNow engagement. It includes the following,

  • Statement of Work (SOW): Preparing a Statement of Work includes designating the terms of the engagement that include the scope of work, timelines, and other services.
  • Detailed Project Plan: Creating a detailed project plan involves outlining the overall plan for the ServiceNow project, including key milestones for success.
  • Creating a Roadmap: Preparing a roadmap entails crafting your ServiceNow journey to augment the resources your company invests into ServiceNow and help you achieve the necessary objectives.
  • Preparing a Budget: Creating a budget includes defining the detailed estimate of all of the costs incurred during the life of the engagement.
Can I hire ServiceNow resources for my in-house ServiceNow requirements and for those of my clients?

Yes. Fidel provides ServiceNow resources for your in-house ServiceNow requirements and those of your clients as well. Besides, Fidel also helps you hire ServiceNow on a full-time as well as a contractual basis.

ServiceNow Frequently Asked Questions

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