Cloud Infrastructure Support Services

Cloud computing has evolved to become a significant success catalyst for every business. Benefits like substantial cost-savings, scalability, increased network efficiency, and flexibility make it one. Thus, the fact that almost every entrepreneur worldwide is switching to the cloud doesn’t come as a surprise!

But the cloud’s evolving nature and complex infrastructure require companies to partner with cloud infrastructure support specialists. FidelSoftech is a team of cloud experts who help companies manage their cloud infrastructure efficiently. Our cloud infrastructural and strategic support involve storage, networking, and monitoring solutions. Here’s more to our cloud infrastructure support services.

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Our Cloud Infrastructure Support

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Cloud Networking

Not sure which cloud network to choose? Talk to our experts, who will help you identify the right cloud network to facilitate reliable and secure access to the required routine applications. Our support in this regard includes cloud migration, application modernization, lifecycle implementation, and platform evaluation.

Hybrid Cloud Consulting

Many companies go for the hybrid cloud approach. At FidelSoftech, we have a team of hybrid cloud experts who help you connect and combine private and public cloud services. Our specialists assist you in choosing the best-suited hybrid cloud model that helps increase efficiency, security, and productivity.

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Cloud Monitoring

Stay on top of your cloud environment with our cloud monitoring support. Our experts review your cloud environment to set up parameters that help reduce risk, proactive management of systems, and minimize downtime. We help you continuously track your cloud availability and performance to keep it always optimized.

Cloud Hosting

As your cloud hosting partner, our services include web hosting and hosting services for remote access desktop environments and application development. The scope includes solution configuration, cloud migration, and application modernization.

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Managed Services

Partner with us for comprehensive cloud-managed services. We leverage the best industry practices to provide end-to-end support. Our managed services scope includes ongoing support, custom development, strategic planning, system integration, and performance analysis and troubleshooting.

Cloud Storage

Centralize and control your data in the cloud in the most cost-effective and scalable manner. With our cloud storage solutions, you only pay for what you use and retrieve the data as and when you need it.

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Migrating Software to Java

We help you migrate your legacy systems to Java for optimal efficiency and also enable you to upgrade legacy custom Java code to the latest versions. Our services include automated database layer migration, automated business logic and UI migration, etc.

Why Choose FidelSoftech for Cloud Infrastructure Support?

Here are some reasons that make us the right partner for cloud infrastructure support.

Expert Resources

Comprehensive Team of Cloud Experts

Our team of cloud experts includes specialists from multiple areas across the cloud. They include consultants, migration, monitoring, networking, hosting, managed services, etc.

ServiceNow Consulting

Expert Cloud Consulting

Cloud is extensive. Hence, making choices could be confusing. But our experts can help you make the right decisions through their consulting expertise. Our consulting expertise paves the way for a cost-effective, sustainable, and efficient cloud environment.

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Bespoke Cloud Solutions

Your business is unique, and so are your cloud requirements! FidelSoftech understands this and, accordingly, provides bespoke cloud solutions that fit your business needs.

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Substantial Increase in Productivity

Our cloud solutions, choices, and comprehensive assistance tailored to meet your business requirements help significantly increase your IT productivity. Such a considerable productivity increase can contribute to enhancing customer service.

Provision of Remote IT Monitoring Resources

Continuous Monitoring

Keep a watch and track the performance of your cloud infrastructure every second. While continuously monitoring your cloud infrastructure, our experts proactively flag and report issues to avoid the critical failure or downtime of any of your cloud components or the entire cloud infrastructure.

Outsource Your cloud infrastructure support Services to Fidel, India

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