I18N Code Scans (I18N Code Health Check)

Internationalization (I18N) is the process of making a software code global ready by ensuring that all the standards for adapting the software with the locale specific requirements are followed. I18N code scans are performed using static code analysis to uncover the underlying issues within the software code, thus allowing them to be fixed.

Fidel is proud to announce the launch of its new I18N code scan service. This service helps businesses to identify and fix internationalization (I18N) issues in their code before they cause problems for global users.

I18N Code Scans

I18N Code Scan Services

Customized Code Scans

Customized Code Scans

Unlike other I18N code scan services, our service allows you to customize the rules of the code scan tool. This ensures that the scans are tailored to your specific needs and that you get the most accurate results possible.

Reduced False Positives

Reduced False Positives

Our customized code scans significantly reduce the number of false positives in the scan reports. This means that you can focus on fixing the most important I18N issues first and avoid wasting time on false alarms.

Prevent Technical Debt

Prevent Technical Debt

Identifying and fixing I18N issues early on can help you to prevent technical debt from piling up. Technical debt is the cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer.

Become a Truly Global Company

Become a Truly Global Company

By fixing I18N issues in your code, you can make your software more accessible to global users. This can help you to expand your market reach and become a truly global company.

More Than Just Code Scans

More Than Just Code Scans

In addition to code scans, we also provide consulting services to help you to estimate the effort and time required to fix any I18N issues found in the scan report. We can also help you to automate your GUI translation workflow and enable continuous localization.

Our other Software Localization Engineering Services

I18N Issue Remediation

I18N Issue Remediation Service

Our expert engineers and modern technology built on SonarQube swiftly resolve I18N issues, including hard-coded strings, missing translations, and formatting errors. We optimize your software for global users, improving quality, reducing costs, and speeding up time to market.

GUI Content Localization Services

Software GUI & Content L10N Service

Our comprehensive L10N service transforms your software’s UI and content into all target languages. Benefit from cultural adaptation, impeccable translations, and top-tier quality assurance. Expand your global market reach, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost brand reputation.

Localization Quality Assurance

L10N QA Engineering Service

Introducing our new L10N QA engineering service, delivering comprehensive testing across all aspects of localized software. Expert engineers ensure functional excellence, linguistic accuracy, and a seamless user experience. Boost customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and safeguard your reputation.

AI Automation


Revolutionize your localization process with Fidel Softech’s AI-enabled Continuous Localization Automation (CLA). Benefit from swift and efficient localization, enhanced quality, faster market entry, and cost savings. Leverage AI and ML technologies to streamline your localization tasks.

Laravel Support and Maintenance

Machine Translation

Discover the power of Machine Translation (MT) – it’s come a long way! Enhance translation quality with our training, fine-tuning, and customization services. Gain better data control and uninterrupted access with our on-premise MT solutions. Let Fidel optimize your MT systems to meet your unique requirements.

Multimedia Localization Services

Multimedia Localization

Multimedia localization takes your videos, audio, and images to a global audience. We tailor visuals, text, and tone to your target audience. Our services include Audio Generation, Subtitle Generation, Data Labeling & Annotations. Enhanced accessibility, engagement, and performance. Trust Fidel for multimedia localization services.

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