Multimedia Localization Services

Multimedia localization is the process of adapting multimedia content, such as videos, audio, and images, for a specific target audience and culture. This involves translating the text, adapting the visuals, and ensuring that the overall tone and message are appropriate for the target audience.

In the 21st century, it isn’t merely about the number of people you’ve reached but how well you’ve engaged with them. Accordingly, today’s users demand 360-degree localization experiences that cover everything helping them understand a particular piece of content better. Fidel’s multimedia localization services are aligned with contemporary user needs. Thus, our multimedia localization support covers voiceover localization to captioning, dubbing and more. Explore more about our multimedia localization.

Multimedia Localization Services

Our Multimedia Localization Services

Custom Machine Translation

Voiceover Localization

When it comes to voiceover localization, our hundreds of voiceover professionals across various languages are one of our strengths. However, on the other hand, our localization experts ensure accurate localization of the message adapted to the local culture while keeping the meaning and essence unchanged. Together, both deliver an incredible voiceover localization experience that further enhances the video’s marketing value.

Dubbing and Subtitling

Do you have videos that garnered a phenomenal engagement in one language and now you look to replicate the same response in another language? Then, partner with Fidel for our dubbing and subtitling services. We provide comprehensive localization support in this regard that includes transcribing and translating subtitles, using the correct voice, recording the content in a particular and localizing the script.

Multilingual Video Dubbing and Subtitling services
On-Premise MT

Closed Captioning

Our closed captioning services help you make your videos accessible to everyone in your target audience. We ensure accurate captions that remain in line with the action happening on the screen

Data Labeling & Annotations (Image & Video)

Data labeling and annotations are the process of adding metadata to images and videos. This metadata can include information such as object identification, object tracking, and scene segmentation. Data labeling and annotations are used to train machine learning models for tasks such as image classification, object detection, and video captioning.

Training and Fine-Tuning for Machine Translation
On-Premise MT

IVR Localization

Localize your IVR if you’ve been looking to walk the extra mile and enhance your customer service. With expertise in over 100+ Indian and foreign languages and an understanding of as many cultures and people preferences, we can help you localize your IVR accurately. Our support in this area includes writing the script, providing local voiceovers, and ensuring linguistic and contextual accuracy. Make your customers feel they are listening to a native with our impeccable IVR localization services.


Transcription forms another integral aspect of multimedia localization. We can help you derive accurate text from your video or audio content with our transcription services. We provide transcription support that involves transcription and translation to develop subtitles that help you widen your outreach.

Transcription Services

Benefits of Multimedia Localization

Multimedia localization benefits you in various ways. Hence, every business looking to expand its operations in various locations should consider multimedia localization.

  • Broadened outreach
  • Improved user experience
  • Increased user engagement
  • Alignment with cultural sensitivities
  • SEO advantage
  • Potential business growth
Multimedia Localization Services

Why are we one of the best Multimedia Localization providers?

Looking for an uncompromised multimedia localization experience? Choose us. Here are some reasons that make us one of the best in multimedia localization services.

Multiple File Formats Supported

Multiple File Formats Supported

Working with us is a breeze. One of the reasons for this is the various file formats like .CSV, XLS, .STORY, .VTT, .XML and more.

Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

We’ve been in localization for over a decade and built industry expertise that helps us deliver more and better every year.

Latest Technology Resources

Latest Technology Resources

Our access to the latest technology helps us deliver every project on time and with the desired levels of quality.

Extensive Scalability

Extensive Scalability

Let your localization efforts complement your business growth with our scalability advantage. Our multimedia localization services help you scale endlessly right from the first day.

Accuracy Assured

Accuracy Assured

We place quality first. Hence, we ensure the accuracy of our localized content across the linguistic, cultural, contextual and technical front.

Outsource Your Multimedia Localization Services to Fidel

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