Legacy Application Modernization Services

Step out of the Conventional Legacy Approach, and Explore Newer Opportunities by Transforming your Legacy IT Platforms with Fidel!

Legacy applications, as the name suggests, have stayed with businesses for a very long time. In the case of some companies, they continue to drive workflows, business logic, insights, routine operations, and decision making. What was once useful, in the previous context, is now becoming obsolete, relatively less efficient, and highly vulnerable, therefore limiting the business in its entirety.

So, considering that the business world does not work with the conventional approach, upgrading to modern systems, software applications, etc. is becoming increasingly significant — the IT world terms such a vital and healthy transformation as modernizing legacy applications.

Modernizing legacy systems helps you transcend traditional limitations by upgrading to new-age and competent software applications that help you earn a competitive edge. The action refers to architectural efficiency, operational efficiency, modern GUI, and many other advantages.

Legacy Application Transformation Services

However, as software plays a critical role in the success of every business, legacy application modernization proves a crucial decision. It demands a considerable investment, and time, along with a lot of technological expertise, and access to ensure optimized and sustainable results.

Besides, you need an expert, and experienced legacy application modernization services provider that goes beyond upgrading the outdated systems, provides load testing and trains resources. Moreover, the provider must also resolve real-time technical issues that arise during the process, and while the application is in use.

At Fidel, we are a unit of expert, and extensively experienced legacy application modernization services providers. We continue to modernize legacy applications for our diverse clientele to improve their efficiency and keep the applications secure at all times.

Our focus is to helps our clients become digital-ready through the adoption of cloud, and re-architecting, rationalizing, standardizing, and scaling their software applications. While modernizing legacy applications, we keep the existing, and efficiency workflows intact. Our experts transform redundant architecture to fine-tune it with the continually evolving business needs.

We provide a comprehensive range of legacy application modernization services include legacy application support, legacy software system support, legacy software migration or legacy software modernization, and others. Partnering with us opens access to an extensive set of capabilities. It gives you a competitive edge over your peers when it comes to minimizing redundancies and improving competence through technological transformation.

Our Legacy Application Modernization Services and Solutions

 With Fidel, you enjoy a range of legacy application modernization services and solutions aimed at helping you increase your business efficiency. Here’s what you get on partnering with Fidel.

Application Portfolio Assessment

Application Portfolio Assessment

At times, when you aren’t sure where to go and what to do, our application portfolio assessment services prove helpful. It is because we conduct a thorough assessment of your application to generate a detailed report of your IT infrastructure. Our application portfolio assessment services comprise creating a business case for application modernization, preparing modernization estimates, and the assessment of application portfolio, and consolidation.

Roadmap of Strategic Modernization

Strategizing modernization is critical from the viewpoint of ensuring planning accuracy and efficiency across all the aspects. It is necessary in the case of legacy systems that are intricate, heavy, and expensive to maintain. At Fidel, we create a roadmap to help you sail across safely through the transition process, and achieve your objectives that drove the need to modernize legacy applications.

Roadmap of Strategic Modernization
Custom Software Modernization

Custom Software Modernization

We provide comprehensive porting, modernization, and re-engineering solutions that enable broader access across various platforms. Our certified legacy application modernization experts update previous versions of Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, Perl, JavaScript, and many others to align their application to the new business needs.

Legacy Software Migration

We execute the modernization process to an efficient, and secure framework, only after a thorough understanding of the requirement, and consideration of the existing factors. Our experts develop a minimal-risk strategy for the application and give you a clear understanding of the execution part of the project. We provide legacy software migration services that include migrating from languages such as RPG, Pascal to their modern counterparts such as Java and Python.

Legacy Software Migration
Application Cloud Enablement

Application Cloud Enablement

At Fidel, we enable efficient SaaS, and cloud implementation, along with the modernization of legacy systems, and digital transformation to help you improve value, and reduce IT-related costs. Our application cloud enablement services include database migration and optimization consulting, infrastructure sizing, performance engineering, developing multi-tenancy architecture, development, and testing.

Application Re-Architecture

Our application re-architecture services aim at protecting your business logic, and application assets while upgrading to a modern architecture. During the process, we take care of phases like code generation, data migration, etc.

Application Re-Architecture
Open Source Software Management

Open Source Software Management

Our open-source software management services and solutions include open source customization services, lifecycle management of open source deployments, and open-source software integration.

Microservices API

Our Microservices and custom APIs aim at leveraging, and safeguarding investments in monolithic legacy systems. Besides, our microservices maturity assessment, tools, competencies, and frameworks ensure seamless development and implementation for businesses working towards a complete digital transformation.

Microservices API

Why choose to Modernize Legacy Applications?

Technology must evolve with the business, and with time. The most significant reason that drives modernizing legacy applications is maintaining competence and leveraging the power and capabilities of developing business applications. Here are six other reasons that make modernizing legacy applications a must in the competitive business setup.

Enhanced Business Agility

Enhanced Business Agility

Modernizing legacy applications helps augment your service proposition. It helps you efficiently serve your customers, handle your vendors, and explore newer business opportunities that may contribute positively to your expansion plans.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

You bring in a considerable reduction in your operational costs through the modernization of legacy systems. Reports suggest that companies modernizing legacy software reduce their business cost by approximately 13%!

Enhanced Technological Compliance

Enhanced Technological Compliance

Moving your business to advanced software from legacy applications refers to delivering top-class services. But, at the same time, you also adhere to standard software compliance.

Increased Business Revenue

Increased Business Revenue

Modernizing legacy applications demands an investment. But then, it results in commercial benefits, out of which, increased business revenue is one. Studies reveal that companies modernizing their legacy software increase their annual income by approximately 14%.

Increased Developer Productivity

Increased Developer Productivity

Another significant aspect of modernizing legacy applications is increasing the developer’s productivity. Some stats indicate an approximate 40% growth in developer’s productivity after the modernization of legacy applications.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

While legacy applications turn vulnerable over a while, modernizing makes them secure, thereby also augmenting the security of customer data, business insights, and business transactions.

Why choose Fidel for Legacy Application Modernization?

We give you ten strong and encouraging reasons as to why you must choose Fidel to modernize your legacy applications.

Dynamic Agile Methodology

Dynamic Agile Methodology:

We employ an efficient and dynamic agile methodology that enables us to develop and re-engineer high-quality applications for our diverse client range.

Reduced Go-To-Market Time

Reduced Go-To-Market Time:

With Fidel, you enjoy a considerably reduced Go-To-Market time through the quick development of high performance, customized, and highly focused software applications.

Comprehensive Range of Legacy Application Modernization Services

Comprehensive Range of Legacy Application Modernization Services:

Our expertise and extensive experience, along with evolved capabilities within the legacy application modernization space, enable us to provide a range of services. It makes us a comprehensive legacy application modernization partner.

Latest Technology Stack

The Latest Technology Stack:

We believe in continual improvement and upgrades. It helps us incorporate the latest technological competencies to modernize and transform legacy applications into truly efficient software. In this view, we leverage various modern-day technologies such as Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive Analysis through the software applications we develop.

Exclusive Focus on User Experience

Exclusive Focus on User Experience:

With us, you get a completely fine-tuned solution with your user and business needs. Our team monitors routine user-feedback, and experiences relating to your product, and resolves it in the quickest, and the most comprehensive manner possible.

Progress Monitoring and Tracking

Progress Monitoring and Tracking:

Our products focus on delivering tangible results. It enables us to measure your team’s efficiency, comparative improvements, and also get a clear picture of the product quality at all times.

Secure and Robust Applications

Secure and Robust Applications:

We transform your modernized legacy applications into robust, secure, and scalable modern-age apps to meet the evolving business needs.

Legacy Application Modernization Developers

Legacy Application Modernization Developers:

We employ some of the best legacy application modernization developers that ensure transforming your legacy application nearing redundancy into a secure, robust, scalable, and highly-efficient software applications.

Organized Legacy Application Modernization Process

Organized Legacy Application Modernization Process:

At Fidel, we follow an organized legacy application modernization process that begins from understanding your requirement to facilitating post-development support for seamless application experience.

Competitive Legacy Modernization Package

Competitive Legacy Modernization Package:

Our legacy modernization packages are competitively priced to meet the business needs of startups, SMEs, and global enterprises. Our experience of working with companies from various industries, and of varying sizes, adds to our experience, and the results we deliver, contribute to our credibility.

Flexible and Customized Approach

Flexible and Customized Approach:

At Fidel, we follow a flexible and customized approach when it comes to meeting customer demands and incorporating last-minute changes in the quickest, and the most efficient manner possible. So, no matter how dynamic your needs are, we are here to support your changing needs.

Consistent Software Support

Consistent Software Support:

We employ support specialists that work round the clock to ensure the software applications run efficiently at all times, and the migration delivers the expected results.

Outsource Your Legacy Application Modernization to Fidel

So, don’t live with your aging and conventional legacy systems. Partner with Fidel, and modernize your legacy systems to unlock newer possibilities, and to leverage the power of highly efficient software applications for your business. Talk to our experts at +91-20-49007800 or write us at sales@fidelsoftech.com to initiate an in-depth discussion of your requirement.