Ossiey Spinoza

Ossiey Spinoza

Assistant Vice President, Account Management (Localization services)

Ossiey currently leads the Account Management team at Fidel and comes with a rich experience of 28+ years in the ITES industry. He has previously held pivotal roles with leading organizations.

He started his career at Fidel as a Localization Project Manager, later was entrusted with responsibilities for handling Vendor Management, and more recently has helped grow Fidel’s Localization business by heading the Account Management for Fidel’s key clients since past 7 years.

He is an expert with the responsibilities entrusted to him and is a demonstrated leader of the team. He believes in leading by example, is a good team player, is aware of people and processes, and works towards providing the right solutions for his organization.

Fidel’s global clients feel free to discuss their Localization requirements with Ossiey. He is instrumental in analyzing client-side business requirements, proposes workable solutions, arrives at competitive rates which work for all, while also leads and coordinates with internal teams for ensuring consistent service delivery in a timely manner with no missed opportunities and deadlines.

He is good at identifying opportunities to grow business with existing clients and generates sales, including upselling and cross-selling. He acts as the main point of contact, liaising with client-side decision makers to ensure business continuity with Fidel’s existing clients.

He keeps himself updated with the latest localization-related news for gaining a better understanding of current industry trends and customer needs. He works closely with the Top Management for discussing changes in business trends and formulates strategies for aligning Fidel’s services with client requirements.