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Optimize your IT Infrastructure with Fidel’s IT Infrastructure Management Services

IT infrastructure helps to exercise control over the IT infrastructure, and achieve overall effectiveness of IT processes, policies, human resources, data, etc. However, achieving these objectives amidst modern-day competition, ever-evolving technology and rising IT costs can prove a complicated task. Besides, developing in-house support demands extensive investments. Hence companies must outsource IT infrastructure management.

Fidel is a leading IT infrastructure management company. We deliver a comprehensive range of IT infrastructure management services that include infrastructure administration, prompt troubleshooting and continual monitoring. We’ve been in the IT business for over a decade and are a recognized ITSM partner for companies across various business domains, including healthcare, banking, insurance, hospitality, manufacturing, etc.

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Managing IT infrastructure, especially when your business setup is large and complex, may prove overwhelming. Hence, if you are a company looking forward to a prudent IT management solution for your business, or intend to support your client’s IT infrastructure through the best IT infrastructure management services, partner with Fidel, and we’d be glad to work with you!

Our IT Infrastructure Services

At Fidel, IT infrastructure covers a range of factors from consulting, implement, to comprehensive management, thus helping you keep your infrastructure competitive, optimized for performance, and cost-effective. Our services include IT infrastructure, consulting, administration, and monitoring. Besides, we also cover data centers, and ensure DevOps optimization and efficiency through our DevOps services.

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IT Infrastructure Consulting

Our IT infrastructure consulting comprises a range of services and recommendations that help you develop a business-specific IT infrastructure and get the most from it. However, while doing so, we ensure compliance and consider factors such as the fulfilment of your business objectives, paramount! We nurture a team of certified IT infrastructure professionals to offer you the following services.

  • Conducting an IT infrastructure audit as per applicable industry standards such as PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, etc.
  • Analysing the IT infrastructure management process as per ITIL principles
  • Figuring out operational concerns, along with data security risks to eliminate them
  • Chalking out an in-depth plan to enhance IT infrastructural performance
  • Facilitating consultation and training support

IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Our team of qualified IT infrastructure specialists adept at the application of tools such as Ansible and System Centre Configuration Manager can proactively identify and mitigate security risks. It helps you improve system performance and create a user-friendly IT environment. Besides, our team is available round the clock to resolve various issues associated with IT infrastructure, its scalability, storage, etc.

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IT Infrastructure Administration

Our experts maintain network efficiency and application performance, thus enabling you to achieve and maintain the highest levels of productivity, with minimal system downtimes.

DevOps services

We enhance overall infrastructure management, modernization and maintenance through the best DevOps practices, techniques. It includes CI/CD, IaC, and improving collaboration between your development and operations team. Our services under DevOps include DevOps consulting and DevOps implementation.

DevOps services

DevOps Consulting:

Our consultants help you to apply the right DevOps approach to achieve multiple objectives. It includes automating and expediting the provision of a new infrastructure, aligning production with the development and testing environments to prevent configuration differences and software failures. We also accelerate infrastructural changes, software updates, bug fixes through the application of CI/CD and ARA.

DevOps Implementation:

We ensure seamless implementation of the DevOps approach. Our DevOps strategies are aligned with your business objectives. We also help you set up and configure DevOps tools for various purposes. It includes CI/CD through open source tools such as GoCD, and open source automation server such as Jenkins, containerization with the help of Kubernetes, and Ansible, application monitoring through the use Zabbix and Prometheus, , and IT automation through software tools such as Terraform, and Chef.

Data Center Services

Data Center Services

Our data center services are classified into two sub-services – data center management and data center monitoring. Through data center management, we ensure the following.

  • Installation and configuration of servers, storage and network elements
  • Addition or elimination of data center components as and when required
  • Data center workflow management
  • Migrating on-premise data center to cloud
  • Optimal load balancing management
  • Preparing a disaster recovery plan to prevent data loss
  • Continual enhancement of data center components and other based on your data center requirements

Through our data center monitoring services, we ensure continual monitoring within the data center infrastructure, and facilitating in-depth insights into your data center state. We use efficient automated monitoring tools such as Nagios and Zabbix to ensure technical accuracy and relevance. Our services also include continuous monitoring of Windows, Linux servers and other computerized systems for optimal efficiency.

Besides, monitoring data center operations to enable proactive identification and resolution of problem constitutes a critical element of our data center services. We offer cloud management as an individual service as well as a part of our IT infrastructure services depending on your business needs. Connect with us for more details.

Why Choose Fidel for IT Infrastructure Services?

Here are five reasons why you must choose Fidel for IT infrastructure services.

Certified Professionals at your Service

Certified Professionals at your Service

Our team members hold a range of certificates including AWS Certified SysOps Administrator (SOA), Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).

Business-Specific IT Infrastructure Solutions

Business-Specific IT Infrastructure Solutions

Our IT infrastructure management services and solutions are focused and business-specific to help you meet your business objectives.

Latest Tools and Technologies

Latest Tools and Technologies

Our technology stack is the latest and we keep upgrading it to ensure the highest competence and efficiency levels.

Experience of Working with a Range of Business Domains

Experience of Working with a Range of Business Domains

We’ve been in the technology business for over a decade. Over the years, we’ve gained experience of working as IT infrastructure partners of companies from various business sectors, including healthcare, education, banking, manufacturing, etc.

Strict Adherence to SLAs

Strict Adherence to SLAs

Our professionals strictly adhere to the set SLAs. We appoint project managers that ensure 100% adherence to SLAs and maintain the project’s pace. Our project managers handle challenges with ease, and ensure that the project is on track at all times.

Outsource Your IT Infrastructure Management to Fidel

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