Infrastructure Virtualization Services 

Virtualize your IT Infrastructure, Improve System Scalability, and Reduce Overall IT Costs

Amidst the dynamic, agile, and demanding environment out there, companies require flexible and dynamic IT infrastructures that help them keep up with the competition, and promote overall IT efficiency. Infrastructure virtualization is among the most effective ways of achieving infrastructural flexibility and efficiency. It relates to making a basic change in the management, deployment, and delivery of IT.

Besides, virtualization of your IT infrastructure helps you accomplish a lot of strategic IT goals, lower IT costs, rationalize the architecture, consolidate the data center, and constitute the foundation for cloud computing. Fundamentally, it involves creating a virtual version of a computer or a server through the use of the software.

Infrastructure Virtualization

It allows multiple systems to run at the same time on a single machine. At Fidel, we offer one of the best IT virtualization services. Our services aim at helping you achieve IT efficiency and a considerable cost reduction through the consolidation of servers, storage, and networking infrastructure to optimize resource utilization.

We offer a range of infrastructure virtualization servers that make us an end-to-end virtualization partner for our diverse clientele across India, Japan and other countries across the globe. Further, our expertise on many market-leading platforms, including VMWare, HP, Redhat, Citrix, and Cisco, makes us the best choice for IT virtualization services.

Our Infrastructure Virtualization Services

Our range of IT infrastructure virtualization services includes the following.

Hardware Virtualization Services

Hardware Virtualization Services:

With our hardware virtualization services, we create virtual versions of computers and operating systems. They enable you to run different systems on the same set of hardware and allow simultaneous multiple-user processing.

Operating System (OS) Virtualization Services

Operating System (OS) Virtualization Services:

Our OS virtualization services let you have a single server than can run on multiple operating systems. It proves a far more efficient and cost-effective alternative than assigning an individual server for every operating system.

Storage Virtualization Services

Storage Virtualization Services:

Our experts provide the best storage virtualization services, involving grouping physical storage from several network storage devices, to enable a single-device like performance.

Server Virtualization Services

Server Virtualization Services:

At Fidel, we offer server virtualization servers that help you divide one physical server into multiple virtual ones. These virtual servers run their operating systems, applications, and operate as individual servers.

Network Virtualization Services

Network Virtualization Services:

Through our network virtualization services, we combine the available resources within a network, through the division of the available bandwidth into individual channels. You can assign and reassign these channels in real-time to a particular device or a server.

Desktop Virtualization Services

Desktop Virtualization Services:

With the help of our desktop virtualization services, you separate your computer’s desktop environment from the physical system.

Application Virtualization Services

Application Virtualization Services:

Our application virtualization services enable the virtualization of applications, and streaming from a particular server to the user’s system.

Why Choose Fidel for IT Virtualization Services?

Here are five reasons why you must choose Fidel for IT virtualization services

Customized IT Virtualization

Customized IT Virtualization:

With our hardware virtualization services, we create virtual versions of computers and operating systems. They enable you to run different systems on the same set of hardware and allow simultaneous multiple-user processing.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Optimized Resource Utilization:

The virtualization tools and technologies we use, coupled with our expertise, experience, and the best virtualization practices, help us enable our clients to make optimum use of their resources. We do so by combining the available resources and dividing the available bandwidth into individual channels.

Speedy Virtualization

Speedy Virtualization:

Our virtualization solutions and services help you expedite the virtualization of critical business systems and applications. This saves you time and costs while improving the overall IT performance.

Backup and Disaster Management

Backup and Disaster Management:

At Fidel, we’ve got a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan. It fosters a better and more efficient customer data management.

Increased IT Productivity

Increased IT Productivity:

We understand the basic purpose of IT virtualization – save costs and increase IT productivity. We do so by streamlining and simplifying storage management and consolidating hardware elements.

Infrastructure Virtualization, Fidel

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