Android Application Development Services

Get the Most Innovative, User-Friendly, and Robust Android Apps for your Business

As one of the leading mobile operating systems, Android’s functionalities, features, and the capabilities it empowers mobile users with have truly revolutionized the mobile industry. Android apps, for instance, redefine the concepts of user-friendliness, user-convenience, and ease of navigation. Alongside, the scalability of Android and its application proves beneficial for organizations in the form of improved outreach, and a higher return of investment in the long run.

At Fidel, we are one of the leading Android app developers and custom Android app development service providers. Our team of qualified Android app developers, and Android app development project managers come up with customized, scalable, and efficient Android app solutions for companies from a wide range of businesses.

We offer end-to-end mobile app design and development services to facilitate custom intuitive applications for our clients. The Android apps we develop work across a broad range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, Android TVs, and wearable devices.

Android Application Development Services

Our Android app development expertise transcends new app development. We, with all our knowledge and experience, help companies also port existing apps, along with a range of other vital Android app services and solutions. Our custom Android apps feature the best quality, along with a range of customized business-specific functionalities. They ensure satisfying results for clientele from various industries such as retail, healthcare, eCommerce, media, travel, education, banking, etc.

Our expertise also includes developing data-driven, stand-alone, web-service driven, and client-server mobile apps. Our capabilities to customize every feature and functionality give us a competitive edge over our peers on the market, and make us one of the best custom Android app developers in the world.

Our Comprehensive Android App Development Services and Solutions

At Fidel, our capabilities, along with our techno-strategic Android expertise enable us to offer an extensive range of Android app development services to our clients. Right from Android UI/ UX designing, developing custom Android apps, to Android app maintenance and support, our clients enjoy end-to-end Android development services. So, with us, you get everything under one roof.

Android UI/UX Designing

Android UI/UX Designing

We employ some of the best Android UI/UX designers that apply the best Android UI/UX design techniques. They apply their expertise to deliver what is takes to create the most attractive and interactive UI designs that foster the best user-experience.

Custom Android App Development

As one of the leading custom Android app developers, we develop Android apps that align with your business needs. Our app developers use the best and the latest Android SDKs to develop apps with a high-end user interface that takes user-friendliness and app experience to a whole new level. Our Android app development services include developing the following mobile applications.

  • Gaming Android Applications
  • Hybrid Android Mobile Solutions
  • Native Android Applications
  • Mobile Advertising Applications
  • Social Networking-Based Android Application
  • Backup and Restore Android Application
  • Cross-Platform Android Application
  • Web-Based Android Mobile Application
  • Entertainment and Multimedia Applications
  • SMS Gateway Application Development
  • Android-Based Mobile eCommerce Applications
  • Android VoIP Apps
Custom Android App Development Services
android app consulting

Android App Consulting

The choice of tools, technologies, features, and functionalities of your Android app prove critical to the success of your business in the long run. If you are unsure whether what to choose, and what not to, our Android app consulting services help you make the right and informed choices. Our evolved experience and extensive experience in the app development business enables us to come up with vital and sustainable app recommendations, specifically meant for the success of your business.

App Porting Services and Solutions

App porting is another of our area of expertise. We help you port your Android platform to other such as iOS to Android, Android to iOS or any other platform. So, if you are looking forward to app porting services and solutions, Fidel is the right partner, as we help you convert you app to any platform of your choice.

Android App Porting Services and Solutions
Android App Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Android App Quality Assurance and Testing

We employ the latest mobile app testing and quality assurance techniques to ensure the best quality and thoroughly tested Android mobile apps for your business. Our team of testers and quality assurance specialists leave no stone unturned in delivering a high-performance, efficient, and flawless Android mobile app customized to meet your business needs.

Android App Re-Engineering

Our comprehensive capabilities help you re-engineer your existing apps to fine tune them with your enhanced and advanced business needs. Besides, we also re-engineer your apps to address multiple and diverse concerns such as scalability, security, UI/UX, and the speed of the app.

Android App Re-Engineering
Android Integration of Advanced Features

Integration of Advanced Features

At Fidel, our approach and capability to continually evolve enables us to integrate advanced features in your Android mobile app. It includes integrating features such as Beacon integration, wearable integration, GPS integration, and IoT integration to ensure optimal efficiency, and diverse functionalities of the application.

Cloud Integrated Apps

Our expertise at cloud helps you leverage the power of PaaS and the latest cloud-enabled technologies. Such a diverse set of expertise, in turn, helps you easily scale your app, and enjoy factors such as seamless operations, and reliability.

Android Cloud Integrated Apps

Benefits of Android Apps

There are several reasons that support Android’s popularity and widespread application. The operating system proves beneficial for business owners on various fronts, including cost, user-oriented benefits, and a lot of other technical advantages. Glance through some of the benefits of Android apps.

Android Open Source


Android is an open-source mobile operating system. So, you enjoy open-source benefits from licensing, and technology framework that the Android community offers. The open-source nature of the Android SDK architecture opens access to direct interaction with the Android community for the expansion of the Android app application. This paves the way for quicker development of Android-based phones.

Cost-Effective, and Higher RoI

Cost-Effective, and Higher RoI

Android offers free SDK. So, it reduces development and licensing costs. Besides, Android’s customization capabilities, features, and functionalities help you incorporate the app with your business and therefore optimize its use to achieve a higher RoI in the long run.

Deployment in Different Ways

Deployment in Different Ways

Android offers the flexibility to deploy in different ways. You can distribute your app on third-party applications, and create your distribution and sales channel as well. So, in other words, you develop the app and publish it. You can choose your promotional strategy and leverage the capabilities of various channels to create a higher end-user outreach for your application.

Android Hassle-Free Integration

Hassle-Free Integration

You can easily customize, tweak, and integrate an Android app based on your business needs and demands. A lot of applications facilitate vital backend processes enabling you to integrate the apps. So, an Android app gels well with your business, and which constitutes another reason why Android apps are so popular with companies across the globe.

Our Android App Development Technology Stack

We keep updating and upgrading our technology stack to develop robust Android applications that feature the best of efficiency, features, and translate technology investments into results, and higher results for our clients spread across various geographies in the world. These qualities have helped us grow into one of the leading Android app developers on the market that serves almost every business domain and industry.

  • Technology: We develop innovative, robust, interactive, and engaging apps though the latest Android SDK and Android NDK.
  • Design: Our Android apps are compliant with Google’s Material Design. It helps us take the appearance of the application to a whole new level.
  • Programming Languages: We use a range of languages such as XML, Kotlin, and Java to create apps that facilitate an incredible backend and frontend user experience to the app users.
  • IDE: We leverage the capabilities and functionalities of Android Studio, and Eclipse for efficient management of the various development stages of your Android application.
  • Image Loading: We use the latest, efficient, and the most relevant image loading applications for quick and comprehensive image loading for your Android application. It includes RetroFit, Dagger2, Dexter, Picasso, and Glide.
Android App Development Technology Stack

Our Android App Development Process

We are a solution and result-oriented company, and these approaches reflect in our Android app development process that is focused, well-defined, and organized. We take your Android app development through various imperative stages that eventually result in a thoroughly tested, extremely efficient, and engaging Android mobile app. Here’s how we go about with Android app development.

Kick-Off Meeting and Understanding the Requirement

Kick-Off Meeting and Understanding the Requirement

We acknowledge and understand the fact that every business is different, and hence, its needs as well vary. At Fidel, at the outset, we meet the client and understand the client’s requirements. It helps us organize our thought process and arrange resources to match the client’s needs. We ask the right questions and answer those of the clients to verify our understanding of the project and clarify the client’s doubts. It helps us fine-tune both the parties with the project’s objectives.

Allocation of Resources and Budget

Allocation of Resources and Budget

Now that we know what the client expects out of us, we either hire the right resources or delegate responsibilities to the existing appropriate ones. Scalability constitutes an integral part of our Android app development projects. We ensure we offer adequate flexibility to scale up the resource-base depending on the project needs, whenever required. Besides, we also prepare the project’s budget, keeping the client’s requirements and the project objectives in mind.

Creating Prototypes, and Seeking Client Feedback

Creating Prototypes, and Seeking Client Feedback

We create prototypes that match the client’s needs, and seek the client’s feedback to incorporate those suggestions, and changes to expedite the actual product development process.

Developing and Reporting

Developing and Reporting

We begin developing the app. Our developers work based on your needs for working hours and shifts. Our certified Android app developers get daily code validations and ensure daily reporting to keep everyone one the same when it comes to project progress.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing and Quality Assurance

The app goes through multiple layers of tests and quality checks to keep up with the client’s expectations and also to ensure optimal efficiency at all times.

Android App Maintenance and Support

Android App Maintenance and Support

We have a team of certified Android developers and support specialists that resolve every routine and critical concern about Android technical support. Besides, we also facilitate Android app maintenance services and optimize it through timely upgrades to maintain its competence throughout.

Why Choose Fidel for Android App Development Services and Solutions?

Here’s why you must choose us for custom Android app development for your business.

comprehensive project management android

Comprehensive Project Management:

We manage your Android app development project from the consultation part to the maintenance one. We assign a project manager for your project who ensures end-to-end project completion and management. The project keeps you updated on the progress, and responds to all your concerns before, during, and after the project.

flexible engagement models

Flexible Engagement Models:

We offer flexible engagement models. Our clients can choose the best suiting engagement model for their business.


Competitive and Enhanced Features:

We are comprehensive app development experts that can develop and integrate advanced features such as camera, social media, geolocation, and many others in your app.

Experience at Global-Scale Projects

Experience at Global-Scale Projects:

Our experience of working as the Node.js developers for a range of multinational companies has helped us build the capabilities to work on global projects and complex requirements.

Competitive Custom Android App Development Packages

Competitive Custom Android App Development Packages:

We strike the right balance between cost-effective Android app development packages and uncompromised quality. So, you get the cost as well as a quality advantage with us!

Offsite and Onsite Resources

Offsite and Onsite Resources:

We provide onsite as well offsite certified Android app developers for your project based on your requirement. You can outsource your Android app development project to us owing to our comprehensive project development capabilities.

On-Demand scaling of the Development Team

On-Demand scaling of the Development Team:

With us, you have the freedom to scale up your project team’s size whenever you need it. We provide as many resources as you require to complete the project on time.

Experience of Working with Diverse Industries

Experience of Working with Diverse Industries:

To-date, we’ve developed custom Android apps for several industries, including travel, automotive, healthcare, eCommerce, banking, education, insurance, and many others.



We deliver consistent quality, and our processes are ISO 9001/ 27001 and CMMI certified.

Multilingual Resources and Support

Multilingual Resources and Support:

We’ve got multilingual resources that contribute to seamless communication with companies and clients across various regions of the world. So, with us, you enjoy interacting and discussing your project with people who can speak your language.

Outsource Your Android App Development to Fidel

Partnering with a global, custom Android app development partner like us brings you several sustainable benefits. So, connect with us our Android app development experts at sales@fidelsoftech.comor call on +91-20-49007800 , to discuss your Android app requirements, and take the first step towards developing a high-performance Android app for your business. Fill the form and get in touch if you have any questions or doubts and we will get in touch with you shortly.