Saurabh Kavathekar

Saurabh Kavathekar

Vice President, Localization Engineering

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Saurabh Kavathekar is the Vice President of Localization Engineering at Fidel Softech Limited, a distinguished leader in the software globalization industry. With over 23 years of experience, Saurabh is dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in localization, program management, and business operations.

Saurabh has held pivotal roles at Fortune 500 enterprise software companies where he served as the Head of Product Globalization & Content Localization. His remarkable experience in steering localization initiatives for these industry giants has positioned him as an expert in the field.

Saurabh’s track record is marked by building localization teams from the ground up for LSP companies like which is now part of RWS. Here he had set up localization teams from scratch. His influence has left an indelible mark on the industry.

As the VP of Localization Engineering at Fidel Softech, Saurabh is the driving force behind the company’s localization strategy. He excels in creating and delivering state-of-the-art localization solutions, ensuring value for clients, shareholders, employees, and the entire localization industry. Saurabh’s commitment to client satisfaction and staying up-to-date with industry trends makes him a valuable asset to the organization.

Under his leadership, Fidel Softech is focused on driving success for its customers leveraging innovation and latest technology.

Saurabh’s influence extends beyond Fidel Softech. He is a sought-after speaker at industry events, sharing his expertise and insights. His dedication to innovation and thought leadership has earned him recognition on both the national and global stages.

Saurabh Kavathekar is not just a leader but an innovator and decisive figure, passionate about driving success for his team and customers.