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BFSI, Retail, Sales Force Automation Order Entry, Travel, Hospitality and Leisure

Capital markets / BFSI

Banking, Insurance, FinTech solutions require quick turnaround time, good software and tech support and local language UI.
Banks & insurance firms are deploying chatbots on their websites with local language support, new Neo-banks and digital insurance
firms are deploying lending apps, KYC apps with local language UI and APIs to connect to 3rd party applications.
Insurance companies are also automating claims processing, KYC, policy renewals and cross-selling based on data mining.
All these require software or product dev skills, customer support and local language & localization engineering expertise.
Further Fidel also offers FIX connectivity, testing and training services. From a consulting perspective, Fidel also assists clients with resourcing & staffing of bilingual engineers, PMs, BA.

Capital market / BFSI
Laravel eCommerce


Ecommerce companies are rapidly expanding to semi-urban, rural, 2nd & 3rd tier cities as the next wave of demand is coming from local consumers.
The commerce site needs to rapidly deploy & replenish new products in local languages for a local UI / UX. For this, the CMS or ecommerce systems
are best connected with the localization firm’s translation mgmt. systems using APIs for a quick turnaround time.
Fidel has developed APIs and connects with client’s ecommerce systems as well as translation management systems.
Further ecommerce firms are also recording call center responses and getting it transcribed, annotated for sentimental analysis where this feedback
is looped back to the product development and support teams for better customer experience.
Fidel works closely with ecommerce companies, their partner firms and offers API integration, translation, transcription and annotation and other such services.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Manufacturing & engineering companies deploy supply mgmt. systems, ERP, warehouse management systems using enterprise applications
such as SAP, Oracle etc. Many of these systems are operated by operators in rural towns. In some govt agency deployments there is a mandate to have receipts,
reports, forms, user interfaces, messages in local languages.
Fidel supports in implementation of such systems, customization, level 1 support and UI / UX support all in local languages.

Product Roadmap and Architectural Development, Fidel
Product Roadmap and Architectural Development, Fidel


With the advent of smartphones, lowering of data pack costs and growing aspirations, citizens expect seamless services from the government.
It is govt mission too to bridge the digital divide by creating opportunities for all. Hence govt is trying to digitalize road transport, passport, taxation,
And many such services through e-gov portals. These web and mobile applications and communication in local languages is necessary to proliferate the services.
Fidel works with these initiatives and has solutions and services to localize the UI of such portals without the need to modify the underlying source code and support all Indian languages.


Online net medicine shops, healthcare systems, hospital management systems all is a complex maze of systems, integrations,
API connectivity, localization. In most countries, healthcare and few other domains (eg. finance, real estate) are where it is mandated to offer
Information in the consumer’s local language.
Fidel works with healthcare service providers to ensure software development, customization and local language support.

Product Roadmap and Architectural Development, Fidel
Product Roadmap and Architectural Development, Fidel


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is an upcoming domain with convergence of data science, technologies, network to support & assist drivers with driving, parking & safety.
There is a lot of data required to train the AI engines in such systems. This multi-lingual data creation, annotation and QA require localization, technology expertise
with complex set of tools.

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