Product Enhancement and Support Services

Align your Product with the Rapidly Evolving Customer Needs, and the Dynamic Business Environment with Fidel’s Product Enhancement and Support Services

Keeping up with the evolving customer needs, and the dynamic and competitive business environment isn’t a cakewalk. It demands a comprehensive and sustainable product enhancement and support strategy that enables you to upgrade technology, upgrading software applications, their features, functionalities, and scaling them to align them with the growing nature of your business.

Software application and product enhancement involve fine-tuning technology with your business. It includes upgrading various business tools and technologies to augment user experience, control costs, keep up with the expected service levels, innovate, coupled with a prompt, and bankable technical support. Another critical aspect over here is improving product efficiency and translating it into capabilities that, in turn, help you increase the overall efficiency of your business.

Product Enhancement and Support Services

However, every IT environment is unique and complex. Besides, the intricacies of dealing with various software products, and enhancing them to match the business need only add to the complexities of enhancing software products. In such a situation, you need a product enhancement and support service partner that does it all with ease, and precision, and lets you leverage a highly-optimized application for your business.

At Fidel, we are one of the leading product enhance and support service providers. Our services and solutions include an extensive set of critical tasks and functions that help you use technology to fulfill your business’s objectives. We offer product enhancement, application enhancement and support, and application support and maintenance services.

Our team comprises expert and experienced software specialists, software testers, QA engineers, and project managers to render continual and end-to-end support for your project.

Benefits of Product Enhancement

Businesses, markets, consumers, and competitors evolve with time, and so should the technology you use for your business. Hence, product enhancement constitutes an essential aspect of every business as it helps the company stay competent, deliver customer needs, and at the same time, sustain the ever-growing and evolving competition. So, here are some of the benefits of product enhancement.

1. Increased Departmental and Organizational Productivity: Enhancing the application, and aligning it with your routine workflows, helps you increase efficiency across various verticals throughout the organization.

2. Improve Product Capabilities: One of the purposes of product enhancement is to augment and upgrade its capabilities. It helps you improve customer service, and in a way, contributes to increased bottom lines.

3. Enhanced Security: Software products, over a while, tend to become vulnerable to attacks and hacks. Upgrading them also improves the security aspect, and keeps it secure from external attacks, viruses, and security threats.

Benefits of Product Enhancement

Our Product Enhance and Support Services

Our service range, accuracy, and customer-oriented approach are some factors that differentiate us from the crowd. Take a look at what you get from us while partnering with us for product enhancement and support services.

Product Enhancement Services, Fidel

Product Enhancement Services

We add new features and functionalities and upgrade the existing relevant ones to help you get the most from your software application. Our services under the product enhancement umbrella include,

  •  Leverage insights to make an informed decision associated with the features to be added.
  • Continually monitor the existing performance of the application to identify pain points.
  • Develop products and product features aligned with customer demands.
  • Create an implementation roadmap strategy and working on product enhancement.

Application Enhancement Services

At Fidel, we aim to secure, enhance, and maintain the value of your applications across various frameworks, platforms, technologies, and optimize application performance. Our application enhancement services include the following.

  •  Application Performance Tuning
  •  Roadmap Strategizing
  •  New Releases and Enhancements
  •  Bug Fixing
  •  Platform Vision Tolerance
Application Enhancement Services, Fidel
Application Support and Maintenance (On-Demand and Continual), Fidel

Application Support and Maintenance (On-Demand and Continual)

We employ a team of application support and maintenance specialists that resolve every technical concern that your users may face while the application is in use. We offer on-demand as well as continual support and maintenance services based on your needs and demands.

  • Our team performs an in-depth Root Cause Analysis to identify the concern, and resolve it.
  • A comprehensive change management system to reflect changes across the system, without letting the routine operations hamper.
  • Prompt bug resolution process that doesn’t let performance glitches impede production.
  • Ensure data security through an SLA-based service proposition.

Embedded Software Development

Our expertise extends to developing customized and highly efficient embedded software products that integrate the latest capabilities, such as AI, IoT, ML, robotics, and automation. We develop a range of embedded software for industrial and home automation systems, testing, and measurement systems, and medical devices.


Embedded Software Development, Fidel

Why Choose Fidel for Product Enhancement and Support Services

Here are ten reasons why you must choose us for your enterprise application support and maintenance.

Extensive Industrial Experience

Extensive Industrial Experience:

As one of the leading product enhancement and support service provider, we work with a wide range of industries. With more than a decade of experience in the technology business, we have developed an understanding of the technological needs of every business, and which is something that gives us the edge over our competitors.

Tested and Proven Processes and Methods

Tested and Proven Processes and Methods:

Our processes, methodologies, and workflows are all tested and proven. We keep upgrading them from time to time to ensure competence at all times, and for all our clients.

Onsite and Offsite Support and Maintenance Staff

Onsite and Offsite Support and Maintenance Staff:

Another reason that distinguishes us from our competitors is the provision of onsite and offsite product enhancement and support resources to serve your business needs. So, while with us, we handhold you during the process, and after that as well, whenever your applications need an upgrade.

Result-Oriented and Customer-Oriented Thought Process

Result-Oriented and Customer-Oriented Thought Process:

Fidel is a modern-day organization, and hence we understand the significance of results. We focus on results, and hence, each step of ours is aimed at delivering tangible results for our clients in the long run.

Expert, Experienced, and Certified Resources

Expert, Experienced, and Certified Resources:

Our team members are qualified and certified professionals that ensure the highest levels of quality across every function, and phase of the project. Our project managers work towards project completion in time and keep you in control of the project’s progress at all times.

Efficient and Comprehensive Project Management

Efficient and Comprehensive Project Management:

Our developers, support specialists, project leads, and project managers follow an organized process, overcome challenges, and complete the project in a timely manner.

Wide Range of Product Enhancement and Support Services

Wide Range of Product Enhancement and Support Services:

Our comprehensive range of product enhancement and support services helps you maintain the competence of technological products at all times. Our specialists support you across various aspects, including strategizing, upgrading, securing, and maintaining your application.

Seamless Incorporation of Changes

Seamless Incorporation of Changes:

At Fidel, we adopt a flexible approach that allows us to seamlessly integrate last-minute changes to ensure that the enhancement is aligned with your needs.

Application of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Application of Cutting-Edge Technologies:

We want our clients to excel in their respective areas of business. This is why we apply cutting-edge technologies that ensure the highest levels of competence, and enhancements that keep our clients a notch above their competitors.

Flexible Product Enhancement and Support Packages

Flexible Product Enhancement and Support Packages: 

We work with a range of companies, right from growing start-ups, SMEs to established multinational companies. It is because we offer flexible, customized, and budget-friendly product enhancement and support packages.

Outsource Your Software Product Enhancement and Support to Fidel

Technology brings out the best results only when you upgrade and enhance it regularly in the right way, and with the right partner. So, don’t let redundancies hamper your business. Partner with Fidel, the best product enhancement, and support service partner, and optimize the benefits of technology and product enhancement for your business. Connect with us at +91-20-49007800 or write to us at Fill the form and get in touch if you have any questions or doubts and we will get in touch with you shortly.