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User Interface, popularly known by its acronym, UI, constitutes the graphical layout of an application. It comprises buttons, text, images, text entry fields, sliders, and various other elements with which the user interacts. It includes screen layouts, interface animations, transitions, etc. Since users interact with the interface, the interface must be designed appropriately, and in a way, that’s appealing, and at the same time, easy to use and engage with.

At Fidel Softech, we are one of the leading UI design service company, with over a decade of extensive experience in UI designing. Over the years, we’ve worked as UI designers for companies across various business domains. We continue to deliver satisfying results in every project we do, and which is why we’ve become one of the top UI designing companies. So, if you are looking out for the best UI designing services, you’ve got Fidel Softech!

Web and Graphic Designing

Our UI Designing Services

CMS-Based Website Designing, Fidel

User Interface Design

We design user interfaces with the users’ needs and demands, and at the same time, the company’s objectives in mind. The result of which is a perfect product that blends user satisfaction with measurable commercial results. We incorporate the necessary elements that make the user interface interactive, responsive, user-friendly, and engaging enough to win the trust of users and simplify the application’s use.

Mobile UI Design

We develop seamless mobile applications that deliver the best user experience. Besides, we have the capability to customize cross-device mobile applications based on your business needs.

Responsive Website Designing, Fidel
eCommerce Web Designing, Fidel

Website Template Design

As one of the top web design and development companies, we leverage the latest trends and technologies in web designing and create professional website template designs that add value to the user’s choice of visiting, interacting, and engaging with your website.


We design illustrations that translate into higher brand engagement for your company. Our experienced and expert illustration designers create exceptional illustrations that talk to lengths about your brand and communicate your thoughts and expressions to your target audience.

Mobile Web Designing, Fidel
Corporate Website Designing, Fidel

Landing Page Design

We design interactive, engaging, and highly value-oriented landing pages for websites. Our UI designers leave no stone unturned while ensuring that the landing page has every element that encourages users and enables them to connect with your brand.

Blog Design

Want to design a blog UI for optimal engagement? You’ve got Fidel Softech! We are a team of expert blog UI designers that design UI based on the blog topic, user expectations, target audience to ensure optimal engagement and contribute to lead generation.

Custom Web Designing, Fidel
Graphic Designing, Fidel

Wearable Designing

We cover one of the most complex areas of UI designing, and that’s designing a user interface for wearables. Accordingly, we incorporate various elements such as functionality, visual appeal, efficiency, size, and many others to create excellent UI for wearable devices.

Facilitation of UI/ UX Designers

Want to hire the best UI/UX designers? We’ve got you covered! We know how challenging it could be to hire full-time UI/ UX designers. We resolve your challenge by providing the best UI/ UX designers on an outsourced basis or contract basis. In such an arrangement, our designers remain on our roll, thus eliminating the need for you to pay salaries and take care of the administration costs associated with their employment.

Outsourcing Web Designing and Graphic Designing Resources, Fidel

Industries We Serve

We work with a range of industries that include,

  • eCommerce
  • Hospitality
  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Goods
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Logistics and many others

UI Designing Software we use

We employ the latest UI designing software to ensure quick designing, designing quality and accuracy, and optimal results. Additionally, we keep upgrading our UI designing software to maintain relevance and competence. We use several UI designing software, based on client needs. However, some of them include,

Sketch Craft InVision Studio Marvel
Framer X UXPin Origami Studio Adobe XD

10 Reasons to Choose Fidel Softech

Comprehensive Project Management

Comprehensive Range of UI Designing Services:

We provide a full range of UI designing services that covers mobile apps, websites, wearable devices, etc., to help you cover every aspect of your business and provide excellent user experiences across each one of them.

Expert, Experienced, and Certified Resources

Qualified and Experience UI/ UX Designers:

We employ a team of experienced and qualified UI/ UX designers that leverage their technical skills and strategic understanding of your needs to create engaging, enticing, and empowering user interfaces.

Wide Range of Product Development Services

Organized UI Designing Process:

We follow an organized UI designing process that involves reviewing your needs, analysing your competitive requirements, creating multiple UI options, designing the best one matching your expectations, and fulfilling your objectives.

Expert Resources

Extensive UI Designing Experience:

We’ve been in UI designing for a long time and have kept evolving over the years to become an experience and evolved UI designing company.

Customized and Flexible Product Development Packages

Value-Based UI Designing:

We focus on delivering measurable value through the UI designs we create. It enables you to achieve measurable results for your business through engaging UI designs.

Proven Results and Successful Track Record

Proven Results and Successful Track Record:

Over the years, we’ve delivered proven results and created a successful track record that features our client’s success.

Efficient and Comprehensive Project Management

Use of the Latest UI Designing Software:

We use the latest UI designing software to expedite the UI designing process, include several user-oriented features in the UI design, and thus deliver results.

Diverse Experience

Provision of the Best UI/ UX Designers:

We provide some of the most experienced and best UI/UX designers on a contract or outsourcing basis. You can onboard them and have them on your or your client’s UI designing project in a time quicker than hiring full-time UI designers.

Latest Technology Stack

Timely Completion of Projects:

Along with quality and customer delight, we value time the most. As a result, along with deploying the best UI designers, we also assign project managers that take end-to-end care of your project and ensure its timely completion to help contribute to your business objectives.

Timely CodeIgniter Development

UI Upgrades:

We conduct UI upgrades from time to time to meet the evolving needs of our consumers and thus ensure competence throughout.

Outsource UI Designing Services to Fidel

For the best UI designing services and the most user-friendly UI designs, connect with us at +91-20-49007800 , or write an email to us at sales@fidelsoftech.com.