Benefits of ServiceNow for IT Service Desk

Benefits of ServiceNow for IT Service Desk

ServiceNow is a cloud-driven workflow automation platform that helps enhance operational efficiency by streamlining and automating various routine functions. It is one of the most preferred platforms worldwide, with a client size of roughly 13-14,000 companies, many of which are global enterprises. ServiceNow also helps companies manage their IT service desk, making the latter prompt and more efficient. Let’s look at a few of ServiceNow’s benefits when it comes to IT help desk management.

5 Benefits of ServiceNow for Enterprise IT Help Desk

From deriving comprehensive and valuable user insights to automating routine workflows and enabling user self-service, let’s look at a few ways through which IT help desks benefit from ServiceNow.

1. Deeper Customer and Employee Insights

Comprehensive analytics provide insights into employees and customers based on historical interactions. The agent can have a clear and transparent overview of the users’ needs and requirements. Knowing what the users need can enable customer support agents to provide more personalized service and experience.

2. Bringing Support Mediums Together

Disparate support channels can affect the IT help desk’s efficiency. But with ServiceNow, companies can unify various support channels into a single location. The help desk can effortlessly transfer a customer or a user from one channel to another without causing any service interruption. Unifying multiple support channels involves integrating the service portal, mobile application, and virtual agent with common collaboration tools.

3. Assessing Agent Productivity

Conventional tools cannot accurately evaluate an agent’s productivity, potentially resulting in an uneven workload among agents. But advanced analytics can help IT help desk managers evaluate an agent’s productivity, examine the solutions they provide, and the number of cases they handle, along with the average handling time.

4. Automating Routine and Repetitive Tasks

Often, routine queries and workflows overwhelm the IT help desk, leaving them little bandwidth to handle critical concerns. But automation can help relieve a lot of otherwise mundane and repetitive tasks. Accordingly, tasks like sending IT-related updates to the concerned stakeholders, assigning incidents to a support agent, generating unique ticket numbers, etc., can be automated and managed efficiently.

5. Employee and Customer Self-Service

Trivial IT queries and concerns often guzzle up a lot of the IT help desk’s productive bandwidth. Some of these are simple enough and could be handled by users themselves only by following a particular set of instructions. Besides, users can track their ticket status by themselves, thus saving the effort of calling the help desk, waiting for the agent to respond, and then knowing the progress of their query.

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