Choosing the Right ServiceNow Implementation Partner

Choosing the Right ServiceNow Implementation Support Provider: Factors to Consider

ServiceNow stands as a validated platform renowned for its proficiency in enhancing the efficiency of IT workflows through seamless automation. Opting to incorporate ServiceNow into your operations reflects a commendable choice. Yet, the pivotal aspect lies in the careful selection of a fitting provider for ServiceNow implementation Support Provider. The provider you choose wields the potential to either bolster or undermine your decision significantly. Thus, it becomes crucial to weigh certain key factors when in the process of deciding on the ideal ServiceNow implementation support provider.

5 Factors to Consider While Selecting a ServiceNow Implementation Support Provider

When selecting a ServiceNow implementation support provider, it’s essential to evaluate the company’s expertise and proficiency across technical, strategic, and commercial dimensions. The primary goal should be to ensure a lasting decision that maximizes the value of your investments. Considering these five fundamental factors can empower you to make a well-informed decision.

1. ServiceNow Expertise and Experience

Start by evaluating the proficiency and background of the potential ServiceNow implementation support provider within the ServiceNow domain. You should consider the implementation company’s capabilities concerning the customization and configuration of ServiceNow to meet your business needs. A credible ServiceNow implementation support provider should know about ServiceNow’s customization capabilities and options and seamlessly adapt the platform to comply with your company’s processes and workflows. The company should be able to create user interfaces and workflows and integrate ServiceNow with your existing infrastructure.

In terms of experience, the years shouldn’t necessarily matter. Instead, you may focus on the number of projects the company has successfully completed, the size of the projects, whether they are serving them now, their scope of service, the results delivered, etc. It can help you fathom the depth of the experience the company has.

2. Scope of ServiceNow Support

This is another significant aspect to factor in before you make a choice. Ideally, the expertise of the company you’ve shortlisted should transcend ServiceNow implementation. You might not necessarily require it at the moment. But if you need them later, you wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Accordingly, prefer choosing a provider with expertise in areas like ServiceNow consulting, ServiceNow development, ServiceNow maintenance and support, etc. It will help you get all services through a single provider and also prove cost-effective at the project level.

3. Scalability and Agility

Scalability and agility are two other crucial factors to consider while choosing a ServiceNow implementation provider. While scalability refers to the capability of scaling the team and support whenever required, agility signifies a company’s response towards new updates and upgrades and aligning itself with new features, functionalities, etc.

Scalability is important from the viewpoint of your business expansion. Partnering with a company capable of scaling its resources and support as and when your business expands can allow you to scale seamlessly. On the other hand, agility can help ensure competence at all times, thus enabling you to optimize your ServiceNow investments.

4. Pricing Approach

While assessing the company’s capabilities, you should also pay equal attention to its pricing approach. Preferably, you should choose a ServiceNow implementation support provider with flexible engagement models that allow you to pay as you use. It can help you keep your ServiceNow investments under control and yet get the most from every dollar you invest. In addition, look for hidden costs, if any, and get them sorted in the beginning to avoid unpleasant surprises.

5. Past Customer Feedback

Every company claims to be the best or the best-suited choice for their prospects and clients. But connecting with the company’s past and existing clients can help you verify every claim and know how the company is faring in the market. Accordingly, you should emphasize getting client references and contacts and discuss various aspects like the company’s problem-solving skills, scalability, technical expertise, SLA compliance, overall approach and the results the company has helped them achieve.

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