User Centric ServiceNow Implementation Services for Digital Transformation

It is necessary to have user friendly ServiceNow implementation specialist for smooth Digital Transformation

The appropriate and efficient ServiceNow implementation services helps you achieve better visibility of IT service concerns and the solutions available. Besides, it also enables you to automate routine service tasks and helps your IT systems keep up with the ever-evolving and dynamic technology environment. If you want to derive value from your existing IT systems, you must implement ServiceNow, and for which, you need Fidel!

At Fidel, we provide the best ServiceNow implementation services that take IT management to the next level. We implement ServiceNow through a comprehensive and well-defined process. It involves a range of functions, including implementation planning, configuring, customizing, integrating, data migrating, and learning support. Besides, we enable production and providing technical support after that.

ServiceNow Implementation Services
Implementation consulting

Implementation consulting (with your IT leadership involved)

  • Mapping your requirements to ServiceNow functionality.
  • Choosing a suitable implementation strategy.
  • Designing or tuning your IT processes.
  • Describing necessary customizations.
  • Formulating needed integrations.
  • Defining KPIs and reports for the future solution.
  • Planning implementation stages.
  • Developing a user adoption strategy.

Proof of Concept

  • To make sure that ServiceNow benefits are exactly what you need, Fidel can do a POC project for you.
  • We implement the required enhancements compiled according to your requirements.

Configuration and customization

  • Configurations: Without any code changes we do functionality adjustments.
  • Customizations: This involves code-based functionality changes.
  • Application development: This involves creating new scoped standalone ServiceNow application.
Configuration and customization
User training

User training

  • Proposition of a training program and the training schedule.
  • Training materials.
  • An assessment grid for each training course (to be filled out by users).

Ongoing improvements

  • Identify improvement opportunity.
  • Designing and implementing the change.
  • Look for new improvements and opportunities.

Deliverables include

  • Statement of Work (SOW): designates the terms of the engagement including the scope, timelines and other services.
  • Detailed Project Plan: outlines the overall plan for the ServiceNow project, including key milestones for success.
  • Roadmap: establishes the long-term ServiceNow journey roadmap to increase the value of your organization’s investment into the ServiceNow platform.
  • Budget: defines the detailed estimate of all of the costs to be incurred during the life of the engagement.
ServiceNow Implementation Deliverables include

Our ServiceNow Implementation and Approach

Implementation Planning

Implementation Planning

Our implementation planning and consulting include aligning and mapping ServiceNow functionality with your requirements, adopt an appropriate implementation strategy and technique, synchronizing your IT processes, crafting the integrations required, planning the various stages of implementation, and eventually developing the required approach to enhance user adoption.

Configuring and Customizing

This step involves functionality adjustments without making code changes and also executing code-driven functionality changes if needed.

Configuration and customization
ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow Integration

We integrate ServiceNow with your existing systems. It includes cloud services, ITSM solutions, ERPs, CRM, instant messaging platforms, email, and others based on your needs.

Data Migration to ServiceNow

We enable data migration from your existing solutions to ServiceNow. However, while doing so, we ensure the highest data security and a thorough review of the data sources to be involved, alongside its validation, reconciliation, and migration.

Data Migration to ServiceNow
Learning Support

Learning Support

At times, application complexities may make it challenging for your users to make proper use of the solution. To deal with these situations, we offer comprehensive continuous learning support through online and onsite training sessions. Besides, we also try and integrate user feedback while training.


After developing and thoroughly testing the functionality, we begin with its production, either delivering everything at once or in iterations based on the mutually agreed implementation approach.

Technical Support

Technical Support 

We ensure comprehensive and continual technical support to help you get the best from the solution. Our technical support includes assisting users with the application of the ServiceNow solution, monitoring the solution, identifying technical errors, and rectifying them.

Outsource Your ServiceNow Implementation Services to Fidel

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