5 Benefits of Using ServiceNow for IT Asset Management

5 Benefits of Using ServiceNow IT Asset Management

With every technology and asset added to the tech arsenal, IT Asset Management becomes more complex and challenging. This single area can consume approximately 18-20 percent of a company’s IT budget. Adopting ServiceNow IT asset management solution is essential from the relevance perspective. But on the other hand, companies risk exceeding their IT budget if the software costs go royally unmanaged!

As a result, companies need a sure-fire ServiceNow IT asset management solution, which, while supporting a company’s evolving technology needs, also keeps costs under control. ServiceNow can help here. These five benefits make it evident.

5 Reasons Companies Must Adopt ServiceNow IT Asset Management

From increased IT asset visibility to detecting software expenditure, here are five ways ServiceNow benefits IT asset management.

1. Increased IT Asset Visibility

ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) helps increase software asset visibility. It involves tracking, assessing, and managing software licenses, optimizing and claiming unused software rights, meeting compliance requirements, etc.

The highly scalable and agile platform helps companies meet their current and future asset management needs. In addition, real-time and perpetual tracking of software expenditures can help companies control software costs.

2. Comprehensive Dashboards

Another significant advantage of ServiceNow SAM is its management dashboards. These dashboards can provide prompt and accurate reports on the software use of a particular company. Additionally, companies can use publisher packs to see and track complex publisher-specific licensing and use.

3. Optimization of Licenses

SAM offers real-time and transparent insights that help reduce potential compliance concerns. Companies can effortlessly and quickly view their license status with SAM’s license optimization techniques. Should the concerned authorities find non-compliant licenses, the License Workbench offers remedial measures, which companies can execute to ensure compliance.

Additionally, offerings like software reconciliation can help companies enhance software entitlement accuracy. Furthermore, SAM’s automated license reconciliation maintains license positions without requiring the administrators to do manual calculations, which could be prone to errors.

4. Software Asset Management Architecture

ServiceNow SAM’s architecture enables companies to unify all processes and automate the entire IT asset lifecycle into one record system. It also helps companies get a single and trustworthy source of information that enables more focused, better, and more informed decision-making.

Additionally, it leverages workflows to manage asset requests for approvals, validate entitlements, etc. SAM can also manage, control, and protect software assets on the cloud or onsite. It enables companies to track their assets and status throughout their lifecycle easily.

5. Software Expense Tracking

Every company aims to achieve IT excellence while controlling its IT costs. SAM’s software detection module allows companies to track, assess, analyze, and regulate software. It offers a comprehensive view of software expenses by helping companies import their financial data.

Further, the module ensures auto-identification of transactions, helps track them, and views all the transactions that have happened with a particular publisher or concerning a specific product.

ServiceNow’s IT asset management benefits are now evident. But on the other hand, you need a comprehensive ServiceNow service provider to help you optimize your IT asset expenses and make the most from them.

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