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Overcoming the Challenges in Aligning ServiceNow for Your Business

ServiceNow is an empowering cloud platform that simplifies business processes, leverages automation to improve organizational efficiency, and eliminates silos. However, it is a complex solution that brings some challenges, overcoming which, and aligning ServiceNow with the business, proves time-consuming and intricate. In this view, Fidel discusses some common ServiceNow challenges and solutions to align ServiceNow.

How to Optimize ServiceNow for your Business?

Optimizing ServiceNow for your business isn’t rocket science. However, it certainly requires you to invest some time, thought, and attention to improve your ServiceNow performance. Here are some vital insights that can help you derive maximum returns from your ServiceNow investment.

1. Setup Data Retention and Archival Policies

At times, your systems may encounter heavy data flow, consuming system resources, and reducing the pace of reports and queries. It is here that you must leverage the Data Archiving plugin.

As the name suggests, the plugin transfers data no longer required for immediate, routine access from primary tables to a set of archive tables. The plugin enables you to set up flexible data archival rules for individual tables in ServiceNow. So, ensure that you setup data retention and archival policies to deal with high data volumes to optimize ServiceNow and align it with your business.

2. Do not Over Customize ServiceNow.

Aligning ServiceNow with your business doesn’t refer to going overboard with customizing it. Customizations, to a certain extent, are fine. However, dealing with excessive customizations may prove cumbersome in the long run. Every bit of customization adds an extra element to the maintenance and testing list for ServiceNow releases that take place every six months. This may translate into additional work while upgrading ServiceNow.

So, avoid over customizing ServiceNow. Hire a ServiceNow expert like Fidel and get the best ServiceNow recommendations on what to do and what not to maximize its efficiency in your business context.

3. Make your System IDs Editable

Businesses invest in ServiceNow since it requires minimal maintenance. Nevertheless, some practices may complicate things and result in increased maintenance needs. One of the best practices to avoid is to refrain from hardcoding in scripts and putting them into system properties. It will simplify their management, help you achieve a higher value from ServiceNow, and enjoy a more aligned ServiceNow infrastructure for your business.

4. Identify and Enhance on the Slow Queries Part

ServiceNow provides slow query logs that help you get vital insights into the effect of queries on the platform’s performance. Utilize the slow query log data to assess the need for new indexes, make changes to the existing indexes, or make changes to frequent queries. The following situations demand the creation of a new index.

  • Existence of referential integrity on the column
  • Frequently querying of the column
  • There’s a unique value to the column

5. Keep a Watch on Integrations

Integrations constitute an essential part of every IT ecosystem. While some comprise Point-to-Point integration, some involve integration using EAI Tools or ETL Tools. No matter the type of integration involved, you must perform a periodic health check of the integration process. A regular update may result in a significant amount of traffic between two systems and affect performance at the users’ end. Partnering with Fidel can prove helpful in this regard, as the company provides solutions to monitor integrations and their status continually.

Fidel – One of the Leading ServiceNow Partners in India

Fidel is one of the leading ServiceNow companies in India. The company employs the best ServiceNow experts and offers customized solutions to help its clients align ServiceNow for their business. It works as the ServiceNow partner of companies across various business domains and helps them optimize ServiceNow to ensure maximum efficiency and higher value on their ServiceNow investments. For more details, connect with Fidel at +91-20-49007800 or write an email to sales@fidelsoftech.com.

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