Hiring the Best Professional Resources for your ServiceNow Projects

Hiring the Best Professional Resources for your ServiceNow Projects

ServiceNow is a critical investment. Hence, recruiting the best ServiceNow professionals constitutes a significant aspect of your ServiceNow project. However, hiring the best ServiceNow professionals can turn challenging if you do not know who to hire and how to hire. If you are searching for the best professional resources for your ServiceNow projects or recruiting them for your clients, you must employ ServiceNow professionals from India.

India is among the most significant ServiceNow pools, offering a range of ServiceNow resources for ServiceNow projects with varying complexities. In this view, Fidel, the leading ServiceNow managed services company in India, provides some vital insights associated with the factors to consider while recruiting ServiceNow resources and the options through which you can hire the best save hiring costs, time, and efforts.

4 Factors to Consider While Hiring the Best ServiceNow Professional Resources

ServiceNow is an exclusive competence. Wrong or incompetent choices may take a toll on your ServiceNow efficiency and let the entire project for a toss. Hence, you must make an informed choice while onboarding resources for your ServiceNow project. Choosing the best ServiceNow professionals is not as challenging when you know about the following pointers to consider.

1. Recognitions of the ServiceNow Partner

Yes, at the outset, ensure that you choose the right ServiceNow partner. You will find a lot of ServiceNow management companies across the market. Nevertheless, you must select a ServiceNow company that is certified throughout various ServiceNow dimensions. Work with companies that have been recognized as a certified service partner, certified technology partner, and certified sales partner.

2. ServiceNow Certifications

ServiceNow entails a range of functions. It includes ServiceNow Consulting, ServiceNow Development, Support, ServiceNow Implementation, ServiceNow Migration, ServiceNow Managed Services, etc. To cover these functions, you must choose ServiceNow professionals with the necessary ServiceNow certifications, including the following.

  • ServiceNow Certified Application Developer
  • ServiceNow Certified System Administrator
  • ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist

3. Areas of Expertise

Besides ServiceNow certifications, you must look at the range of services your prospective ServiceNow professionals would offer. You must choose a team that covers a broad array of services, including IT service management, event management, cloud management, service mapping, software asset management, etc.

4. Experience in ServiceNow Management

While certifications and recognitions matter, experience in handling ServiceNow managed services proves an equally significant concern. You must look for ServiceNow companies and ServiceNow resources with extensive experience in handling ServiceNow projects of your size and type. However, knowing your requirements well to understand what you want is necessary. When you establish it, you know the kind of experience to look out for.

Besides, ensure that you review the provider’s reputation in the market by talking to its past and existing clients. Real-time feedback is a crucial insight to know if the company can be your ServiceNow partner.

How to Hire the Best ServiceNow Professionals?

Fidel, the leading ServiceNow management company, offers hiring models for ServiceNow resources. First, the company provides its in-house ServiceNow resources on an outsourcing basis to serve your ServiceNow needs. In this model, you only have to pay the ServiceNow resource fee and onboard the resources.

In the other model, Fidel works as your recruitment partner to hire ServiceNow resources. The company provides end-to-end services right from floating your ServiceNow hiring requirement in the relevant market, receiving applications, filtering them, interviewing candidates closely matching your requirement, and onboarding them on a contractual and full-time basis to begin the ServiceNow management project.

While choosing to work with Fidel as your ServiceNow recruitment partner, you save a lot of hiring costs, save time, leverage the expertise of an experienced ServiceNow partner with Fidel, and ensure you get the best professionals for your ServiceNow projects.

To get the best, partner with the best! Connect with Fidel at +91-20-49007800 or write to us at sales@fidelsoftech.com to open a conversation with the company’s ServiceNow specialists to hire a range of certified ServiceNow professionals for your ServiceNow project.

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