Hiring ServiceNow IT Support Resources

Hiring ServiceNow IT Support Resources from India

Outsourcing ServiceNow IT support is a prudent decision, as it helps you save money, time, and the efforts that would have otherwise incurred in developing in-house ServiceNow IT support. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of your decision to outsource ServiceNow IT support significantly depends on the ServiceNow outsourcing partner you choose and ServiceNow competencies of the country, and the resources involved.

With reduced operational costs, flexible and longer working hours, and the capability to work on the most complex operations, the world always looks up to India as a global outsourcing leader. ServiceNow expertise is not an exception to it. In a very short time, India has grown into a significant ServiceNow IT support hub, hosting a number of skilled and certified ServiceNow resources.

According to an Economic Times article, in 2018, ServiceNow acknowledged the fact that its Indian employees are building core products for the company. Although this fact may not directly relate to the ServiceNow support resources that India has, it indeed serves as a testimonial to India’s leading position in the ServiceNow space and the quality of ServiceNow resources that it nurtures.

Fidel is one such Indian IT organization that nurtures the best ServiceNow resources. The company provides ServiceNow professionals that help companies from across the world optimize ServiceNow management. As an enterprise looking forward to outsourcing ServiceNow IT support for you or your client, choosing Fidel’s ServiceNow resources from India will prove an advantageous move. Let us find out how.

8 Benefits of Hiring ServiceNow IT Support Resources from India

1. ServiceNow IT Support Costs

Onboarding ServiceNow demands a significant investment. But since onboarding and operating aren’t the only aspects associated with ServiceNow, companies often find themselves in a dilemma. They are stuck between deciding whether to develop in-house ServiceNow support infrastructure (that involves hiring resources, setting up support elements, etc.) or outsourcing it to a foreign ServiceNow support company that relieves them from these tasks saves cost.

In regards to ServiceNow support pricing, while most of the countries seem to follow a stringent and fixed (often very high) hourly rate, Indian ServiceNow resources come at a relatively lower rate. An in-depth comparison of the rates of Indian ServiceNow resources and other countries will help you get an idea of the benefits such as lesser hourly/ annual ServiceNow support cost, technologies used, package inclusions, etc.

2. Full Range of ServiceNow Development and Administration Related Services

Besides providing top-quality ServiceNow resources, leading offshore ServiceNow support companies such as Fidel, offer a comprehensive ServiceNow development and administration package. It includes end-to-end world-class offshore ServiceNow managed services, including the following.

  • ServiceNow Application Maintenance
  • ServiceNow Upgrades
  • ServiceNow System Integrations
  • ServiceNow Governance and Compliance
  • ServiceNow Migration and Administration
  • ServiceNow Platform Optimization
  • ServiceNow Custom Application Development
  • ServiceNow Process Automation Advisory and Enablement
  • ServiceNow License Management
  • ServiceNow Break Fixes and
  • ServiceNow New Feature Development

3. Reduced Administration Costs

Hiring in-house ServiceNow resources has several costs attached to it. Besides the high recruitment costs, you also have to manage a number of other expenses, including training costs, onboarding costs, employee administration costs such as employee benefits, insurance, etc. All these expenses add to your overall IT costs and eventually make ServiceNow management a considerably expensive affair.

Hiring offshore ServiceNow resources from India proves beneficial as you neither have to pay the overhead costs nor invest time in staff training and onboarding. Experienced and the best ServiceNow managed companies like Fidel employ trained, and extensively experienced ServiceNow professionals. They provide resources prepared to begin with the work and also handle the employee administration part at their end.

4. Provision of Onsite Resources at the Company’s or its Clients’ End

On the one hand, where you draw a lot of benefits from offshore ServiceNow managed support services, on the other, Indian companies such as Fidel facilitate resources that work onsite in your company, or that of your client, based on the requirement. So, at times, if you think offshore ServiceNow management may not work in your case, you can have Fidel provide onsite resources on a full-time and contractual basis.

5. Operational Efficiency and Strategic Expertise

Hiring Indian ServiceNow support resources ensures operational efficiency and strategic advantage. Indian ServiceNow professionals have the necessary technical and strategic expertise to expedite ServiceNow operations, provide prompt incident support, and resolve technical issues. They also create a strategic roadmap that leads to ServiceNow efficiency in the long run and contributes to your journey towards digital transformation.

6. Bilingual Support

This is a benefit exclusively available with Fidel. As one of the leading linguistic support companies, Fidel employs the best ServiceNow resources proficient in more than one or multiple foreign languages. So, if you operate from a non-English speaking country or have a client from one, hiring Fidel’s offshore and onshore ServiceNow managed services professionals from India can help you on the linguistic front as well.

7. Resources Working Across Every Time Zone

Again, here too, India proves to be the best ServiceNow outsourcing partner. Fidel works with a range of clients from across the world and throughout various time zones. So, no matter whether you operate from the United States or have clients in Australia, Fidel’s ServiceNow resources work for companies from every time zone, making it a 24/7 ServiceNow support partner.

8. Focus on Core Business

Indian ServiceNow resources are experienced, expert, and reliable enough for you to leave ServiceNow management to them and have more bandwidth to focus on the core aspects of your business. In situations like these, you need not participate in the routine operational tasks associated with ServiceNow management. Your role reduces to receiving and evaluating reports and participating in the strategic aspect of IT management.

Fidel – The Leading Offshore and Onshore Global ServiceNow Managed Services Company

ServiceNow outsourcing is a proven strategy to reduce ServiceNow development, administration, and management costs. But besides price, it brings a range of other benefits that include operational efficiency, strategic advantage, time zone benefits, and many others. Partnering with Fidel helps you get the best bilingual ServiceNow resources, along with the flexibility to hire them offshore and onshore based on the needs.

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