Hiring ServiceNow Developers - Skills and Experience to Look For

Hiring ServiceNow Developers – Skills and Experience to Look For

Your ServiceNow success significantly depends on the qualifications, expertise, and experience of the ServiceNow developers you hire. Hiring ServiceNow developers involves a range of considerations to ensure you get the best and derive optimal value from the resources you invest in it.

If you are looking out for some qualified, experienced, and certified ServiceNow developers, Fideltech, the leading ServiceNow development company in India, takes you through some crucial considerations associated with the skills and experience of your prospective ServiceNow developers.

What does a ServiceNow Developer do?

Of course, many of you may be well-aware of the core responsibilities of ServiceNow developer. However, for those who are new to the world of ServiceNow and wondering what to expect from the ServiceNow developer they are about to hire, let us discuss the job description of a ServiceNow developer in brief.

ServiceNow developers are critical to every ServiceNow project. They undertake a range of responsibilities to ensure efficient ServiceNow management and contribute to the project’s success.

  • Configure/ customize ServiceNow system, including the creation of workflows and processes
  • Use scripting tools and Service Now functionalities
  • Develop scripts to automate rote tasks that are done in ServiceNow
  • Perform system and integration testing through the use of samples live data monitor health, usage, and overall application compliance
  • Collaborate with other ServiceNow administrators to develop solutions
  • Manage general updates and configuration requests/ changes
  • Customize ServiceNow applications and provide rollout of new modules and applications.
  • Configure Application UI and Configure Workflow
  • Create service requests from client needs that include requests, request items, and tasks. Do so through the use of workflows to manage data flows from the customer to the support teams that facilitate the service
  • Provide ongoing production and user support
  • Estimate work effort requirements
  • Load, manipulate, and maintain data between ServiceNow and other systems.
  • Implement the latest release of ServiceNow application with minimal to zero disruption to the existing IT processes
  • Use Service Now Orchestration to perform integrations and process automation
  • Identify system shortcomings and recommend solutions relevant to overcome them
  • Ensure maintenance and continual improvements regarding the standards, policies, processes, tools, working, and methods.

Besides the above, your ServiceNow developer must have a comprehensive understanding of the various ServiceNow functionalities and know how to implement ITIL processes in ServiceNow. It includes Change Management, Incident Management, Service Catalog, CMDB Management, and Problem Management modules. He must have a hands-on design, development, and deployment experience with the Service-now platform.

ServiceNow developers must closely work with various businesses and IT teams to collect the necessary insights to support the existing and futuristic business needs to ensure efficient ServiceNow configuration, support, and implementation. Besides, your ServiceNow developers must stay abreast of the latest developments, develop expertise at various latest applications to ensure quick and accurate query resolutions, and maintain competence.

What Qualifications Should a ServiceNow Developer possess?

Your prospective ServiceNow developers must possess the following qualifications.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, IT, or any related field
  • ITIL certification
  • ServiceNow certification
  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer or any other related certification
  • Working knowledge of ServiceNow
  • Experience in Agile delivery methodologies and client/ server and application system architectures and migration
  • Knowledge of any two of these areas, including Perl, SQL, Python, Java/ J2E, C#/C++/C+, JavaScript/ AJAX,
  • VB/ .NET, Jelly, AngularJS, JSON.

How to choose the Best ServiceNow Partner?

Choosing the best ServiceNow partner is vital from the viewpoint of achieving success in ServiceNow management. Doing so isn’t rocket science, though. You need to ask the right questions and evaluate your prospective ServiceNow partner on various factors, including the following.

1. ServiceNow Certification and Accreditations

ServiceNow companies with the necessary ServiceNow certifications and accreditations come in as a trustworthy partner. You must partner with companies that are ServiceNow certified service partners, certified sales partners, and certified technology partners. Such companies have invested the necessary amount of time and thought to achieve the required ServiceNow expertise and empower your company with the best ServiceNow management. Besides, certifications in non-core areas such as ITOM, ITSM, etc. also prove useful.

2. ServiceNow Areas of Expertise

Besides certifications, another factor that you must evaluate your ServiceNow partner on is its areas of expertise. A ServiceNow management company with expertise across various areas, including IT service management, cloud management, service mapping, event management, software asset management, etc.

3. Custom Implementations

Custom implementations form an essential factor to consider while choosing the best ServiceNow developer. Choose companies that have the experience of ServiceNow configurations, integrations, and customizations for a wide range of businesses, and particularly yours. Such companies stay prepared for the challenges and provide quick solutions to help companies to optimize the benefits of ServiceNow implementation.

4. Participation in ServiceNow User Groups

ServiceNow is a platform that keeps evolving by the year. Your ServiceNow partner must have employees participating in ServiceNow User Groups (SNUGs) to upgrade their knowledge, get new and relevant insights, and augment their proficiency in the platform. In short, you need a ServiceNow partner that evolves with the platform.

5. Previous Experience and Developer Instances

Experience plays a crucial role while dealing with ServiceNow management. Your ServiceNow partner must have ServiceNow professionals that keep developing their ServiceNow instance. Developers who have spent a considerable amount of time developing ServiceNow instances constitute better and prudent choices when it comes to efficient ServiceNow development and management.

Also, ensure that you check the company’s success rate with its past and present clients. Talk to the company’s clients directly and get critical feedback on its approach, services, and customer satisfaction levels.

Hire Extensively Experienced and Expert ServiceNow Developers with Fidel

Fidel is a leading ServiceNow management company in India. The company’s team of the best and certified ServiceNow professionals possess the skills, experience, and approach to help the company’s client achieve success on the ServiceNow platform.

Fidel’s ServiceNow developers keep evolving with the platform. They participate in ServiceNow community forums to gather the necessary insights, develop the required expertise, and upgrade their skills to ensure competence, relevance, and the highest ServiceNow efficiency levels for its clients.

If you want to hire ServiceNow developers for your company or your client or recruit onsite contractual ServiceNow resources for your company, connect with Fidel at +91-20-49007800 or write an email to sales@fidelsoftech.com.

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