Hiring ServiceNow Administrators

Hiring ServiceNow Administrators – What to Expect from Resources Hired?

ServiceNow administrators play an instrumental role in ensuring efficient ServiceNow management. They perform a range of tasks and responsibilities that require exclusive qualifications, certifications, and the experience to help companies create value from their ServiceNow investments. If you want to hire ServiceNow administrators for your company, you must know what to expect to help you get resources with the necessary professional skillset.

What to Expect from ServiceNow Administrators?

Let us take a step-by-step look at various aspects associated with ServiceNow administrators, including their job description, qualifications and certifications, and soft skills set to help you make the best choice. It will enable a clear understanding of what to expect while hiring and after hiring ServiceNow administrators.

1. What should you expect your ServiceNow Administrator to do?

ServiceNow administrators should a range of responsibilities. As an employer, you must expect you ServiceNow administrators to perform the following functions. It will help you achieve the highest levels of support, operational and administrative productivity. So, at the outset, what responsibilities you must expect your ServiceNow administrator to undertake and then check out ServiceNow administrator qualifications to expect.

  • Regular ServiceNow support and ServiceNow maintenance
  • Work with the functional team to develop solutions in ServiceNow PPM
  • Coordinate support and developmental efforts within the administration team
  • Develop training plans for end-users
  • Customize the platform to keep up with the company’s evolving needs
  • Monitor ServiceNow usage, health, and compliance
  • Develop system integrations and process automation
  • Develop, configure and enhance custom and core applications
  • Work with end-users to resolve support concerns
  • Coordinate application and platform enhancements
  • Create ServiceNow reports and dashboards
  • Load, manipulate, and maintain data between ServiceNow and other systems
  • Create and configure client scripts, UI actions, UI pages, notifications, UI policies, ACLs, etc.
  • Guide the development of ServiceNow modules

2. What are the Qualifications a ServiceNow Administrator must Possess?

A certified ServiceNow administrator must possess a range of competitive qualifications to deliver optimal efficiency, technical accuracy, and to help companies achieve their objectives associated with ServiceNow investments. In this view, some of the qualifications you must look for while choosing ServiceNow administrators include the following.

  • Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, engineering
  • At least 6-7 years of experience in IT operations experience
  • At least 3-5 years of experience in ServiceNow PPM
  • Experience in XML, HTML, and JavaScript
  • Ability to manage the scope, budget, and the schedule of divisional and cross-divisional projects
  • Experience in creating ServiceNow update sets
  • ServiceNow System Administrator Certification

3. What are the soft skills you must expect from the ServiceNow Administrators you’ve Hired?

ServiceNow administrators must not limit their role to technical responsibilities. They must exhibit strong business support skills to ensure efficient ServiceNow management and optimized return on investment. Some of the soft skills you must expect from the ServiceNow administrators you’ve hired include the following.

  • Strong organizational and prioritizing skills
  • High level of attention to detail
  • Strong planning and coordination skills
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Proven influential abilities
  • Client communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Customer engagement skills
  • Collaborative skills

4. How cost-effective do Outsourced ServiceNow Administrators prove?

Cost-effectiveness is one of the most significant expectations that every business owner expects from the ServiceNow administrators they hire. Hiring full-time ServiceNow administrators prove expensive, as it involves hiring, training, and a range of administrative costs. However, hiring outsourced ServiceNow administrators, meaning hiring ServiceNow administrators on a project-basis from a professional ServiceNow management company, saves hiring costs and time. You get qualified ServiceNow administrators at a much lower price.

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