5 Factors to Consider while Choosing a ServiceNow Development Support

5 Factors to Consider while Choosing a ServiceNow Development Support

Trusted by many multi-billion-dollar companies worldwide, ServiceNow has emerged to be an elite cloud-based platform for IT management services. The platform is known for helping companies streamline internal functions, enhance customer experience and improve process efficiency. If you also want to deploy ServiceNow, we congratulate you on your decision! But you also need a ServiceNow development support provider who will do complete justice to your investment. Here’s how to choose the right one.

1. Know Your ServiceNow Needs

The first and the most obvious thing to do is to know your ServiceNow needs. Accordingly, you must assess your unique business requirements and evaluate the work scope. There’s no point in availing of development support and services you don’t need. Since your business is unique, you must define your needs and know what you need from your prospective ServiceNow partner. When you know what you want, the process of choosing a ServiceNow provider becomes a breeze.

2. Assess the Provider’s Experience

This is a crucial consideration, as it involves vetting the provider’s quantitative and qualitative experience, the kind of companies working with them and their business size and domain, their level of satisfaction concerning the provider’s ServiceNow development support, etc. In addition, ServiceNow-specific factors like reputation, stability and expertise level would also matter when making the right choice.

3. ServiceNow Certifications

Visit ServiceNow’s website to check out detailed information on all of the company’s partners. You get information concerning a ServiceNow provider’s implementation scope, activity areas, specialization areas, and certifications in the Partner Finder tab.

Accordingly, you must first check if the company with which you are partnering is ServiceNow certified in the development services you want. There’s a difference between being a ServiceNow expert and being a certified one. You want to partner with the latter to avail of authorized services. Certifications like Certified Technical Architect and Certified Master Architect are significant ones to look for in this regard.

4. Get a ServiceNow Development Support Plan

How does your prospective provider plan to provide a development support plan to you? This is something you would want to know in writing before you sign the papers. Trustworthy ServiceNow partners are prepared to employ resources, implement changes within the stipulated time frame based on your business needs, and ensure its continuity. Accordingly, having a development plan is critical for a venture’s success.

5. ServiceNow Human Resources

This is another crucial aspect to check before you settle on a particular choice. The provider should have resources for all the support and services it commits. Thus, you should also review every individual resource, their certifications, and their level of expertise in ServiceNow development. Checking whether they align with their employer’s commitments is another critical thing. You wouldn’t want to step down on the ground to micromanage the ServiceNow project, despite outsourcing it to an experienced provider!

In a nutshell, choosing the right ServiceNow development partner is about checking the company’s expertise, experience, certifications, and resources and having a proper and practical roadmap to foster success.

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