Fidel at ServiceNow Knowledge 2024

Insights of ServiceNow Knowledge 2024, Las Vegas


Fidel Participated at ServiceNow Knowledge 2024 in Las Vegas, held from May 7-9 2024. This premier event offered an unparalleled opportunity to immerse oneself in the latest advancements in AI and explore how to harness its power effectively.

The event spanned three action-packed days filled with inspiring keynotes, engaging breakouts, and live demos. It served as the perfect platform to delve into the nuances of AI and uncover strategies for success in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. With nearly 15,000 participants from across the globe, the atmosphere was buzzing with innovation and collaboration.

Representing Fidel at this prestigious gathering was Steven A. McVey and he had a great time networking with industry professionals. At Fidel, we specialize in providing comprehensive support for ServiceNow, backed by a wealth of resources and talented developers.

Some Key Highlights from ServiceNow Knowledge 2024:

1. AI Everywhere: The conference heavily emphasized AI integration, with ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott’s opening keynote exploring the practical implementation of AI. President CJ Desai further highlighted the power of generative AI (GenAI) within the Now Platform, while Jon Sigler, the Now Platform leader, presented a roadmap showcasing the platform’s AI capabilities.

2. AI-Powered Session Recommendations: Attendees personalized their event agendas using the Agenda Builder, which recommended sessions based on their profiles and interests. This tool also allowed attendees to reserve spots for sessions with limited seating, ensuring they could attend the most relevant sessions.

3. Women in Tech Spotlight: Knowledge 2024 addressed challenges faced by women in the workplace, with sessions focused on strategies for succeeding and leading as women in tech, breaking advancement barriers, and mitigating burnout. Keynotes by ServiceNow Chief Financial Officer Gina Mastantuono and Chief People Officer Jacqui Canney aimed to empower women in tech and foster meaningful conversations.

4. Immersive Experiences: On the Knowledge Expo floor, attendees explored over 400 sessions, 150 partner demos, and seven learning areas and theaters. They witnessed firsthand how AI powers the ServiceNow platform, making it stronger and more powerful for businesses. Notable demonstrations included:
CVS Health: Showcased how they enhance their HR systems using the ServiceNow platform.
Siemens: Highlighted smart factory transformations enabled by ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Knowledge 2024 was a fusion of innovation, AI, and empowering conversations and Fidel was thrilled to be part of it.

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