Insights on the Annual GALA 2023 Conference

Insights on the Annual GALA 2023 Conference

The Annual GALA conference was held in Dublin Ireland form 13 to 15 March 2023.

Fidel was a Sapphire sponsor as well as had an booth at the event. It was the 2nd largest GALA conference with more than 450 attendees from all over the globe who were interested in Localization domain both language wise as well as technology wise.

There were many organizations who were exhibiting their products and/or their services. And there were many knowledge sharing sessions over the course of 3 days.

It was one of the biggest gatherings of like-minded people and thoughts were exchanged right from the latest technology trends to pay parity to social causes and to what is the future of the localization industry. Many networking sessions were carved out throughout the days and around the presentations and group discussions giving the attendees good opportunities to interact.

Overall, the localization industry is rapidly changing and we need to embrace the changes to survive & grow…. Technology will be the major disrupter going ahead as can be seen with advances in MT & evolution of large language models. Chat-GPT was off course the major discussion point and overall it seemed that though many had reservations about how much we can depend on technology solutions, all seem to have agreed upon the fact that it is the way going forward.

Some very interesting sessions were on how to use & improve MT output, usage of social media for improving MT, changing the role of translator/linguist, new ways of project management & Quality checks, etc. There were specific presentations about SEO localization, Audio-Visual localization, Interpretation, ISO standards, etc. The opening keynote and the closing Keynote were also very informative & interesting.

Off course, it was not “all work & no play”. The welcome reception, GALA dinner and pre-post conference tours gave the attendees a glimpse of Irish culture, history, food and people.

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