Finding the Best ServiceNow Consulting Service for your Business

Finding the Best ServiceNow Consulting Service for your Business

Your road to achieving ITSM excellence through ServiceNow begins from ServiceNow consultation. It is through the right piece of consultation that your consultant creates a roadmap to success for your IT environment. Hence, choosing the right ServiceNow consulting partner is critical to get everything right, right from the beginning.

While choosing the best ServiceNow consultant in India, you must what to evaluate and how to assess the company’s expertise in helping you leverage ServiceNow optimally in achieving your IT objectives.

Choosing the best ServiceNow consultant in India for your business isn’t rocket science. It is about looking into the right things, evaluating the provider on the correct parameters, and getting the right piece of ServiceNow consultation specific to your business. This blog talks about a few essential factors that will help you hire the best ServiceNow consulting partner for your company, and lay the foundation for successful ITSM.

4 Factors to Consider while Choosing a ServiceNow Consultant for your company

1. Size of the ServiceNow Consulting Company

We know you weren’t expecting us to talk about the size of the ServiceNow consulting service provider. Well, that’s quite normal, as many of us either look at the vendor size towards the end or do not look at it at all. Nevertheless, while choosing a ServiceNow consultant, you must evaluate the company’s size.

Why? ServiceNow is an extensive area of operation, with multiple complexities and areas of expertise involved. Partnering with a larger ServiceNow service provider opens access to a wide range of specialized resources, along with round the clock availability. In situations wherein you need continual consulting support, or if your units are spread across various time zones, you will need a consulting team ready to provide 24/7 consultation support.

Again, so does that mean you do not partner with the smaller ServiceNow companies? No, that doesn’t mean you must ignore or discard proposals received from the smaller consulting players. However, you need to weigh the proposal sent by both of them, in view of your business needs. If you are a single location company with a smaller budget and a particular ServiceNow consulting requirement, you may go with the smaller consultants.

2. Consulting Expertise and Experience of the Company

Crucial, but how do you evaluate the consulting expertise and experience of the company? Assessing these factors can prove tricky, as you cannot quantify ServiceNow expertise, although you may count the number of years to compute the number of years of experience in the space.

One way of evaluating the company’s expertise and experience is to review the consultant’s past and existing ServiceNow projects (preferably from your industry, if any). Talking to the clients can help in this regard, although yes, a more prudent and fruitful approach is to check the success facts and figures. It will help you quantify the company’s success and also understand its relevance in your context.

3. Diversity of Clients

While, some service providers specialize in all the ServiceNow core business domains (education, government, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and telecommunication), and some do so for a specific industry.

Choosing an agnostic service provider can prove beneficial, as such consultants can leverage their diverse experience to your benefit. But, sometimes, going with a consultant that serves a specific industry (preferably yours) can work to your advantage, as then, the consulting will remain focused.

Now, again, since choosing between these two may put you in a dilemma, you must consider the diversity of the existing and future needs of your project. Based on what your present and futuristic demands, you can choose a sustainable ServiceNow partner for your company.

4. Bilingual ServiceNow Consulting and Support

Getting 24/7 support is one factor. However, getting bilingual support is equally, in fact, a more critical factor. Bilingual support helps you receive more personalized service to your users, IT administrators, and project managers from non-English speaking regions. It will enable better decision-making and a better understanding of the solutions rendered by bilingual ServiceNow consultants.

Hence, ServiceNow consultants offering 24/7 bilingual support for your units spread across various geographies and time zones must constitute your choice.

Fidel – Your Global Bilingual ServiceNow Consulting Partner

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