Content Creation for Multilingual Software

The Impact of Language Complexity on Content Creation for Multilingual Software

Developing a multilingual software application is essential, especially when a company looks to venture beyond its native market. But every language has its unique complexities with which companies have to deal. From script challenges to formatting difficulties, each aspect is an exclusive concern. Let’s look at a few such complexities and their impact on content creation for multilingual software.

1. Language Translation for Multilingual Software

Translation isn’t a straightforward task. To many, it may appear to translate a particular sentence by every word. But translation is much more than transliteration and, thus, a complex activity with several associated aspects.

For instance, translating a sentence from one language to another has various dimensions, like the sentence’s meaning, purpose, the length of the sentence, the scripts involved, cultural implications, etc. A translator should ensure that the translated product is meaningful while, at the same time, is accurate and appropriate.

Accordingly, creating content for multilingual software requires you to have translators who aren’t merely specialists in a particular language but also understand the cultural impact related to the content they create. Struggling with the complexities of a particular language and limiting the work to translation can impact the overall content quality. The purpose of creating content for the software product may get defeated.

2.  Choosing Between Human and Machine Translation

That’s another complexity, or rather, we’d say, a dilemma companies get stuck in a while dealing with translation. Human translations are more accurate and meaningful. But they are time-consuming. On the other hand, machine translations are quick. However, the translated product might not necessarily be relevant to the context and accurate.
Making a decision between human and machine translation isn’t a language-related complexity. However, being unable to choose between these two could lead to project delays and retard the project’s pace. Here, leveraging a blend of human and machine translation can prove the right approach and strike a balance between time and quality.

3. Script-Related Intricacies

Script uniqueness and peculiarities are a couple of other complexities associated with languages and language translations. Dealing with languages that follow a particular script, for instance, English, French, German, Spanish, etc., might not be as challenging. Although yes, spelling and corresponding words will still pose a challenge.
With regards to the latter, for example, the word now in English is maintenant in French. Thus, a small word that occupies little space in English requires more space while writing content in French. These concerns might appear trivial, apparently. But they can make a translation or content creation fairly challenging.

However, that might still be manageable. What’s more challenging is individual scripts. For instance, consider translating content from English to Hindi or Arabic. In situations like these, everything from the sentence length to the format, selection of words, etc., changes. The inability to deal with these facets can royally affect the content creation. It will affect the content’s meaning and relevance, thus rendering the entire process practically purposeless.

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