Ketan Parajia joined Fidel as Cloud & Security Practice head

Ketan Parajia joined Fidel as Cloud & Security Practice head

Ketan Parajia – New Joinee Introduction

Introduction of Ketan

I am a IT Infra / Cloud Infrastructure Expert (with IQ of 152) and Certified Solution Architect Expert (Azure and AWS), Certified Dev-ops Expert (Azure and AWS), having 22+ years of experience to drive Technology, Cloud Teams, Dev Teams, Test teams. I have led team of over 700 FTEs, have managed revenue and P&L of over US$ 20 million. I have been privileged of associating with global leaders like Microsoft, Samsung, Barclays Bank, Birla Sunlife, NSE and many more.

Why did you join Fidel?

The firms where I worked earlier were all big and it had its own pluses. However, I want to explore innovative challenges in ever-changing information & technology industry.

Fidel just went public, it’s a growing firm, still in it’s infancy stage. We have a fantastic open culture. Our management welcomes ideas and support to execute them. The company can achieve great growth in coming years and can accomplish amazing feats and exceed expectations of clients, investors, and employees. We have global clients where we are supporting their applications or developing enterprise product MVPs for them on cloud.

What kind of clients do you have? What kind of services your team offers ?

We have 2 types of clients. One is SI (system integrator) type of clients (eg. Bluefin Technologies) who are supporting their clients. For such clients, they are developing applications, they are supporting the same and need application support on cloud, support in creating VM (virtual machines), managing the AWS instance, using some AWS micro-services, Penetration test and check of their network, remote monitoring of batch process and so on. Then we have end user mid size or big firms (eg. FlipKart) who have again diverse requirements such as security test (pen test) for APIs, or migrating on-premise application to cloud, supporting MS Azure cloud AD (active directory), DevOps support and supporting the overall infrastructure.

Cloud, network, security all has become crucial for any enterprise today. We have re-coined the word DevOps to DevSecOps (Deveopment + Security + Operations) whereby we believe that security has to be an integral part of an enterprise dev and operations.

We also have an Engineer-as-a-Service (EaaS) whereby we will assign engineers for enterprise infra support tasks so that mid-size clients don’t have to worry about hiring system admin or cloud admin experts at their end and we manage such projects for them.

Further we have a bilingual (Japanese & English) L1 support desk – Mon to Fri – 9 am to 6 pm Japan time for product companies who are going to Japan geography & need L1 support for supporting their application users or internal office users.

All such portfolio of services give us an edge and differentiation. We work with the maturity of a big firm and the agility of a startup and hence should be able to build upon our client trust.

Any particular use cases that you can share

For one of our clients we have hosted their application on AWS and continue to support the same (monthly maintenance / SSL update / any fixes)

For another client, we provided penetration test services for API security testing

For a client we act as their outsourced infra team and support the dev team with building VMs on cloud, remote supporting their PCs using Teamviewer, managing cloud AD and so on (the client being a SME – they don’t have any internal sysadmin)

For a client we provide a bilingual (Japanese / English) L1 support for their application

Any final message

Please do visit our Pune dev and support center & we can show you around and introduce our team. Pune has good climate, we are a part of an IT park and hence have good connectivity, security, generator support.

If you are visiting Pune, please do try the local food here as I myself was surprised with it. My favorite is the Maharashtrian Thali.

Fidel is a growing firm and we believe in delivering limited services but with perfection. Feel free to reach out to our team and how we can assist you in your enterprise growth.

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