Hiring Offshore .NET Developers

Hiring Offshore .NET Developers – Outsource DotNet Project Development

Microsoft introduced .NET in 2001, and since then, it took the industry by its storm. It quickly became a popular software framework helping developers across the globe develop a wide range of applications. .NET’s capabilities enable its application in diverse areas, including website development, web application development, along with a lot of desktop applications as well.

But, given the competition, these days, and the growing need for developing cost-effective software products, a lot of companies try and save the cost of software development. Instead of hiring full-time .NET developers, they prefer hiring offshore .NET developers, as the outsourcing approach helps them save cost, time, as well as administrative efforts.

If you are eyeing a project involving .NET development, you must read this blog. It discusses a few significant aspects associated with outsourcing .NET DotNet project development. Also, it introduces you to the company that has been working as the offshore .NET developer for a wide range of enterprises across various business domains around the world.

Microsoft .Net Project Development – Team, Roles and Responsibilities

Before looking at the benefits of hiring offshore .NET developers, and knowing about the company that undertakes outsourcing DotNet projects, let us glance through the roles and responsibilities of the .NET developer while working on .NET project development.

In a nutshell, the core responsibilities of a .NET developer include designing, customizing, and developing software applications aligned with the business needs. Alongside determining and analyzing software prerequisites, a .NET developer supports and bolsters continual development.

The routine tasks include developing and executing appropriate application programs, along with the required products, frameworks, tools and technologies, and programming languages that directly or indirectly merge with .NET. .NET developers analyze problems and develop the appropriate system requirements, the implementation of which takes place in the design mix of interfaces and components.

.NET developers handle a wide range of tasks. Here are some of the regular and additional tasks and responsibilities that companies expect .NET developers to shoulder.

  • Design of interface and components.
  • Designing, and implementing and developing software
  • Programming .NET applications
  • Analyzing existing problems.
  • Identifying or developing system requirements
  • Assisting the support team
  • Comprehensively managing software projects of various types, and sizes

A .NET developer must have the following hard and soft skill set to lead various projects. The developer must be proficient with code structures, and system design.

  • ASP .NET MVC to develop quick and secure web applications.
  • Experience with one .NET language (F# (“F sharp”), VB.NET, C# (“C sharp”))
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript – client side technologies for two-sided understanding of the application.
  • Databases such as SQL Server or Oracle

A .NET developer must have a flair for organizational-testing, theoretical abstract and commercial-organizational activities. Besides, attributes such as creativity, mental resilience, customer-oriented and result-oriented approach, flexibility, learning approach, arithmetic skills, spatial imagination, and the ability to work independently play an instrumental role in a .NET developer’s career.

Other factors that constitute a competent .NET developer include the following.

  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Testing
  • Resilience
  • Database and Versioning
  • Development Platforms
  • Stacks and Tools
  • Frameworks

Advantages of Hiring Offshore .Net Developers – Outsource Your DotNet Project Delivery

Outsourcing DotNet project delivery, or in other words, hiring offshore .NET developers has become a common and a popular trend in recent times. A lot of companies, to save software development costs, are increasingly hiring offshore .NET developers, as outsourcing proves technically, commercially, and strategically much more advantageous than in-sourcing it. Let us now take a look at some of the surefire benefits of hiring offshore .NET developers.

1. Quicker Application Development

Clients, regardless of the industry they belong to, demand quick software application development. Outsourcing your .NET project delivery to an external team of .NET developers, in this view, opens access to a wide range of experienced .NET professionals that expedite the development process.

It helps you save time, foster rapid application development, and therefore deliver the project in a shorter duration. A diversely experienced and expert unit of external .NET developers ensures quicker conceptualization and execution of the idea. Hence, a lot of people are turning to outsource to ensure a speedier application development process and complete the project on or before time.

2. Cost-Effective Application Development

As in the case of time, clients stay tight on the budget as well. Hiring full-time .NET development resources can cost a higher amount of money in the form of salaries, let alone the costs relating to other aspects such as employee administration, benefits, etc. These factors increase the overall project cost, and at times, exceed the budget of the project.

Hiring offshore .NET developers proves beneficial in this regard. The foremost advantage of recruiting offshore .NET developers is that you don’t have to hire them and pay them a monthly salary. You get access to an extensive range of experienced .NET developers only by paying a fee to the .NET project management company. You can use the money you save through outsourcing for other purposes.

3. Adoption of Agile Development

Conventional project management, as we all know, results in a lot of challenges. It is this reason why companies look forward to adopting agile development methodologies. An agile development methodology, however, demands a considerable amount of time and cost investment.

.NET project outsourcing companies have the necessary expertise, experience, and professional capabilities to help you leverage the benefits of agile development. They help you adopt the agile development methodology more quickly. Besides, hiring a .NET project development company with agile capabilities also enables you to reduce the project cost.

4. The Flexibility of Incorporation of Changes

Software development involves a range of frequent changes to ensure competence and alignment with user demands, and the business process it aims to optimize. Partnering with an offshore .NET development team helps you incorporate frequent changes, and thorough testing of the application to evaluate its performance and scalability.

Outsourcing .NET development partners nurture highly qualified, skilled, and experienced .NET developers to incorporate changes more quickly, and with a higher degree of proficiency. Such an advantage may not necessarily be available with a limited in-house .NET development team.

5. Extended Project Support

.NET application development project comprises a range of other activities, including maintenance and upkeep as well. .NET project development companies are comprehensive professionals offering an array of services during and after the project. The duration of the extended support may vary based on the terms of the contract.

You must advertently ask for an extended project support service to augment the efficiency of the .NET application with the help of quick bug fixes, efficient maintenance, and ensure seamless operations.

Hire FidelTech Remote Team – Certified Project Managers & Experienced .Net Developers

FidelTech is one of the leading offshore .NET software development companies. It employs a team of certified project managers and experienced .NET and Java developers. FidelTech works with a range of clients from various business domains, and its years of evolved experience in the .NET software development business gives it the edge while serving as the .NET software development partner for a diverse clientele across the globe. Here are some reasons why you must choose FidelTech as your offshore .NET software development company.

  • A pool of certified and experienced offshore .NET developers
  • A proven track record of developing efficient .NET software products for a variety of businesses.
  • Over a decade long experience into .NET software development
  • A comprehensive service range including need analysis to software implementation, deployment and maintenance.
  • A variety of competencies and skills such as,
    • .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0, C#
    • SQL Server 2005/2008, Reporting Service
    • NHibernate, LINQ, Entity Framework
    • Kentico, Umbraco, Sitefinity, nopCommerce, DotNetNuke, SharePoint
    • ASP .NET, WinForms, Silverlight, WPF, Smart Client

Fidel’s customer commitment, service excellence, and the ability to handle every intricacy involved in diverse .NET development projects make it an ideal choice for offshore .NET development. So, connect with Fidel for a comprehensive .NET project delivery proposal at +91-20-49007800
or write to us at sales@fidelsoftech.com.

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