fidel`s sports events prize distribution by aditi mutatkar

Fidel`s “Fun & Fit December” sports events prize distribution by Aditi Mutatkar

Date: 24/01/2023

Aditi Mutatkar is a former international Badminton player and has represented India in all major events including Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and World Championships. She is a Commonwealth Games silver medalist and was ranked 27 in the world in the year 2008 in women’s singles.

Fidel`s Fun and Fit December activity prize distribution ceremony was held at Fidel Softech on 13th January 2023 with a very special guest Ms. Aditi.

She congratulated the prize winners and advised Fidel`s team to put in the effort to achieve success in the sports field.

Cricket Tournament Winners –

  • Rohan Kharat (Captain)
  • Vinayak
  • Nitin Kadam
  • Ritesh Khanna
  • Aniket N
  • Mayur Gaikwad
  • Prasanjit Ghosh
  • Aishwarya
  • Tahura Shaikh
  • Chandrakant Humbare
  • Sheetal Patil

Badminton Doubles Winners –

  • Rugved Ghupchup
  • Sanket Varkhede

Runner up –

  • Dereck D’Silva
  • Nitin Kadam

Fidel Fun & Fit event winners

Dart League Winners –

  • Rohan Kharat
  • Saurabh Dighe
  • Umesh Kadbane

Runner up –

  • Sarika Patil
  • Ritesh Khanna
  • Rugved Gupchup

Carrom Winners –

  • Rakesh Gunjal
  • Tahura Shaikh

Runner up –

  • Rakshit
  • Mayur Gaikwad

Winners for Walkathon 2022 –

  • Arvind Yadav – 528 points
  • Anurag Shinde – 518 points
  • Ashutosh Shirole – 447 points
  • Vishal Patil – 406 points
  • Harshad Gaikwad – 330 points

Fidel Fun and Fit event winners

Through sharing her career journey, Aditi specifically encouraged women to participate in sports. “Have fun with being number two rather than comparing yourself with number one. An athlete’s career is for a really short time and one should have fun with it” she added.

She is a model of empowering women and an inspiration to future generations. It was a pleasure to have her around.

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