Fidel Softech Received Coveted ISO Certification for Translation

Fidel Softech Receives Coveted ISO Certification for Translation Services

Date : 6-Sept-2022, Fidel Softech is happy to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious ISO17100 & ISO18587 for translation and post-edit. Fidel Softech Ltd. is one of the few companies in India to have received the same.

Maruthi Rao, Fidel’s lead ISO auditor, says “The overall processes, tools and the training we impart was thoroughly checked by the external auditors before granting us the certification and it was a very extensive learning for the team”. “The ISO17100:2015 certification is for Translation Services. This ensures Fidel is following best quality practices in translation and execution of projects. On the other hand, ISO18587:2017 certification is for Translation Services – Post-editing of MT output. It is focusing on the process we follow and the competency of our resources”

“This certification will help us bring in global perspective and help our teams align with our global LSP & Fortune 500 clients who are very particular about process. This also will help us train our staff with the best that is available at global levels in terms of tools, process, terminologies and work culture.” says Sushrut Potdar, CTO at Fidel . “There are extensive checks involved in fulfilling requirements of this certification. It involves checking the processes regarding sales, project execution and delivery, resource on-boarding, quality control and data security. Fidel being already certified for ISO 9001 & ISO 27001, had most of the processes and checks in place, but added further to meet the requirements of these standards as well. The audit was conducted by a reputed agency from Europe and it was an enriching experience for us, as their way of auditing and approach is different. It was a learning for us as well.”

“We are happy with the certification and it is a validation of the efforts that the team has put in consistently. While we had the ISO9001 & ISO27001 (ISMS & data security), we wanted to be sure that we are seen as a global firm with standard mature process with deeper insights and knowledge about translation & post-edit deliveries and complexities associated with it. With the receipt of this certification, we see this as a new beginning and we will continue to hone our process and skills. This will surely help us to reach out to new markets & clients, as well as work more closely with the existing clients” says Mandar Inamdar CFO Fidel Softech.

This ISO certification is going to build confidence about quality and processes followed by Fidel. It is also going to help streamline execution and delivery of service offerings in long run.

Ref. No – FN09221019


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