Fidel invites you to SAMVĀD CITLoB's Annual Conference

Fidel invites you to SAMVĀD: CITLoB’s Annual Conference

Date : 26-Sept-2022, Fidel is participating in SAMVĀD: CITLoB’s online Annual Conference on Friday, 30th September 2022, and invites you to join. Time: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM (UTC+05:30).

CITLoB’s Annual Conference seeks to empower the language industry and its professionals with the latest trends and updates.

A language company’s IPO is a very rare event in India and the ultimate event in unlocking the value of any business. Hear this from Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, President of Fidel Softech Ltd., between 5:05 PM to 5:35 PM at a conference.

We invite you to reach us at SAMVĀD: CITLoB’s Annual Conference. You can get a chance to know more about the ever-evolving value chain, throwing light on activities that create and build value at every step with real-life use cases.

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