Fidel is now E2E Partner

Fidel Partners with E2E to Provide AI-GPU Cloud Solutions


Fidel is now E2E partner – Fidel is excited to announce its strategic partnership with E2E Networks, India’s leading cloud GPUs solutions provider and AI-first Hyperscaler. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in empowering businesses with transformative digital solutions, leveraging the strengths of both entities to accelerate innovation and drive growth.

At the core of this partnership is a shared commitment to democratizing access to cutting-edge technologies, particularly in AI-GPU Cloud Solutions. Fidel joins forces with E2E Networks, known for providing AI-GPU configured cloud services, to offer scalable and reliable solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

Through this partnership, Fidel and E2E Networks seek to address challenges hindering the widespread adoption of transformative technologies, such as lengthy queues for accessing high-performance infrastructure and the high costs associated with deploying large-scale AI models.

By combining Fidel’s expertise with E2E Networks for AI-GPU cloud solutions, this alliance is poised to drive digital transformation initiatives, foster innovation, and create tangible value for businesses across industries.

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