Common Lang Tech Challenges

Common LangTech Challenges

India is a diverse, multicultural, and multilingual country home to thousands of languages. While that’s something for every Indian to be proud of, the presence of as many languages makes it difficult for business owners to operate in the country’s multiple markets. Of course, businesses can use Indian language translation services to overcome language barriers. However, dealing with so many languages can be challenging.

Bhashini is one such translation tool that has emerged on the langtech horizon to help companies resolve language challenges. And what makes it interesting is that it is AI-powered. Let’s delve more to learn about Bhashini AI and the role of AI in it.

What is Bhashini?

Bhashini is an AI-driven language translation system that helps overcome language barriers and foster conversations between speakers of distinct Indian languages. It is accessible via Android and iOS apps and scores high on user-friendliness.

The tool was developed at the Digital India Bhashini Division (DIBD) that comes under the Digital India Corporation, a section 8 Company under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India.
Bhashini endeavors to enable every Indian to access the internet and benefit from the various online services in their native languages. It intends to leverage natural language technologies, build an ecosystem that breaks the shackles of conventional language challenges, and take the digital revolution to every citizen of the country.

What is the Role of AI in Bhashini’s Language Processing?

Let’s now understand the role of AI in Bhashini’s language processing. For that, we will have to look at its technicalities. So, here’s more to it.

Technical Structure

Bhashini AI is equipped with deep-learning techniques designed to deal with the complexities of Indian languages. It uses transformer-based neural networks that take cues from various renowned designs. The tool is stitched to align with the nuances of Indian languages which ensures its effectiveness. The makers have made it a robust AI-powered translation tool by training it from various sources like books, social media, news articles, etc. That’s the reason Bhashini understands various idioms, contextual implications, etc., unique to a language.

Additionally, Bhashini leverages specific tokenization and preprocessing methods that help it manage various Indian scripts and characters. These methods segment the input text into tokens or sub-word units of every language.

While being performant, Bhashini is also adaptable on account of methods like domain-based fine-tuning and transfer learning. It is armed with technologies, including deep learning principles with bespoke data pretreatment and optimization approaches. Collaboratively, they generate a model capable of analyzing and producing text across various Indian languages.

Tokenization and Preprocessing Methods

Indian languages aren’t straightforward and have diverse scripts and character sets. Accordingly, Bhashini uses specific tokenization and preprocessing methods. It divides the input text into tokens or sub-word units specific to every language. The result is efficient processing and representation.

Continuous Alignment

Bhashini is AI-driven. Besides, improving and ensuring uniformity in performance across multiple languages and domains requires constant alignment and optimization. Bhashini thus undergoes processes like extensive domain-specific fine-tuning and transfer learning. No wonder, it is as resilient and adaptive.

Extensive Training

Another reason Bhashini is such a revolutionary AI translation tool is the gargantuan amount of data volumes it is trained on. Its makers have left no stone unturned while selecting data sources to train the tool on. That makes Bhashini an exemplary tool that Indian and foreign business owners can reckon with while catering to their business endeavors in various business markets.

Bhashini refers to a giant step towards strengthening India’s position across the growing global digital economy. By overcoming language barriers, every Indian with an internet connection can access a wealth of information and empower themselves by becoming more learned and informed. Digital inclusion as we say it these days! We hope this blog gave you enough insights into Bhashini AI. As for language translation and localization services in over 100 Indian and foreign languages, choose Fidel. Please email us at to explore more about our localization expertise.

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