Common Lang Tech Challenges

Common LangTech Challenges

Langtech is a complex area that, while enabling companies to blend language with technology and vice versa, presents myriad challenges. These challenges range from extremely tactical to resource-related. Nevertheless, these challenges impede a company’s lang tech endeavors. So, let’s look at some common lang tech challenges.

Common Challenges in LangTech

Let’s look at a couple of common challenges companies usually face while dealing with language technology. Of course, partnering with the right lang tech company can help you resolve these challenges. But knowing them in the first place can help you address them proactively and promptly. Let’s look at a couple of them.

1. Resource Challenges

This is the most common challenge. Finding technology specialists isn’t a challenge. Similarly, searching for a linguist also isn’t a herculean task either. But finding a person who can blend these aspects could be a massive challenge.

You need an individual with a linguistic view toward developing a particular lang tech platform. Only knowing a technology or a language doesn’t help. While knowing the technology well, the person should also have a fair bit of knowledge about the language. That’s a rare combination!

2. Integrating LangTech into a Technology

This is another common roadblock. Many platforms couldn’t support scripts other than Latin until a few years ago. Photoshop was one such example. It did not support the Devanagari script (Mangal font). So, users weren’t able to write in Hindi in Photoshop.

The challenge here isn’t that of the font but the platform that doesn’t support it. Integrating these fonts or the language in a particular platform requires the latter to be programmed to support the script and the font. If the platform you use cannot do it, making it multilingual could become a challenge!

In situations like these, everything from the language to its readability and formatting would go for a toss. You will have to invest in a platform that can support the script and, subsequently, the font you require to write something in that script. It calls for additional monetary investments. Let alone the time spent learning that platform!

In addition, until some years ago, when companies used to try integrating UTF 8-based text, the databases used to crash! It is because databases couldn’t support these fonts.

In such situations, integrating language from a foreign or unknown script posed a genuine challenge for companies. Consequently, it hampered their attempt to localization and thus their regional expansion endeavors!

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