Fidel at India Central Asia Business Conclave

Fidel at GIBF’s India Central Asia Business Conclave 2024


Fidel participated in the Global India Business Forum’s India Central Asia Business Conclave on 18th May 2024 at Symbiosis, Pune.

This event served as a gateway to exploring investment opportunities in Central Asian countries. During the conclave, Fidel embarked on a journey of economic collaboration, delving into promising business prospects in the region. The enriching dialogues and discussions fostered an environment of mutual growth and prosperity, making the experience invaluable for all attendees.

Our Senior Growth Manager, Mr. Vineet Kunchur, attended this conclave. Fidel seamlessly empowers businesses to enter global or new markets by eliminating language barriers. Through our advanced LangTech services and solutions, we offer comprehensive support to overcome linguistic challenges, ensuring effective communication and localization across diverse markets.

The Central Asia Business Conclave commenced with a warm welcome by GIBF President Dr. Jitendra Joshi. The first half of the sessions focused on various countries, including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Mongolia. A panel discussion featuring five distinguished Excellencies further enriched the insights shared during these sessions.

In the second half of Central Asia Business Conclave, the discussions shifted to Iran, Armenia, Tajikistan, and Russia. This segment also included a panel discussion with four Excellencies, which provided deeper understanding and perspectives on business opportunities in these nations.

Following the formal sessions, Mr. Kunchur engaged in one-to-one networking in the Central Asia Business Conclave with the Excellencies, which facilitated direct dialogue and potential collaboration. Additionally, he networked with various leads, further expanding Fidel’s connections and investment prospects in the Central Asian region. The enriching experience at the conclave paved the way for mutual growth and prosperity.

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