Advantages of Adopting Infor SyteLine ERP

Advantages of Adopting Infor SyteLine ERP

Infor Syteline ERP is an enterprise-level on-premises and cloud-based manufacturing software that helps manufacturers manage sophisticated processes with ease and accuracy. The promoter of Syteline ERP is Infor. It promotes the ERP as Infor ERP software, named Syteline or Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Infor CSI).

Modern manufacturing is complex and comprises various interconnected elements. Hence, the impact of an incorrect equation in the initial stages can extend to other aspects of the manufacturing process and potentially lead to critical failures. Of course, you don’t need us to tell you what the result of such failure would be! Thus, if you’ve been finding it difficult to keep up with the modern dynamics of manufacturing, you need a solution that helps you deal with them.

Infor Syteline helps manufacturers streamline operations across multiple areas, including manufacturing, supply chain, and finance. Accordingly, it benefits them in different ways. So, let’s overview some advantages of Infor Syteline ERP.

Advantages of Infor Syteline ERP Implementation

Comprehensive adoption and seamless integration of Infor Syteline can help you derive optimum value and drive significant transformations in your manufacturing ecosystem. Here are some prominent advantages of adopting Infor Syteline ERP.

1. Easy Interface and Effortless Navigation

Infor Syteline is equipped with menus that organize the system into logical modules. Furthermore, the system offers Role-Based Home Pages to enable users to begin on a home page with key information and links to the software’s areas a user with a particular role would typically access. In addition, you can bookmark forms you often visit. Besides, searching data in Infor Syteline is much more straightforward and hassle-free.

2. Extensive Customizations

Every manufacturer is different. Hence, their needs also are unique. This is where the need for customization steps in. Infor Syteline can be easily customized without locking yourself into a particular version of the application. You can easily upgrade from Syteline 9 to 10. During the upgrading process, the elements you personalize also are carried forward to the next version.

3. Compatibility

In most ERPs, you can either choose to work on Windows or the web. However, Infor Syteline is designed to run on different operating systems and platforms. For instance, it can run as a Windows application and also a web client on a webpage. The functioning stays more or less the same. That benefits you as a manufacturer as you can work on the platform you’ve been using without significant changes or losing essential features and functionalities.

4. DataViews – Using Data Optimally

A significant aspect of modern-day manufacturing is data and reporting. Manufacturers usually deal with gigantic volumes of data generated from different systems. Gathering data and preparing structured reports for informed decision-making requires a comprehensive ERP that allows them to do it.

Infor Syteline precisely fills that need. With DataViews, an intuitive user-reporting tool, users can import data into the system and prepare comprehensive reports with details, filters, sub-totals, and custom columns. Additionally, the system allows you to save and run your DataView report layouts. Furthermore, you can auto-run DataView in a background queue with the help of an added interface.

5. Upgrades and Updates

Infor Syteline is a new-age manufacturing ERP system compatible with multiple contemporary systems and approaches. It undergoes continuous upgrades that help maintain its competence and deliver optimum value to manufacturers.

ERP Infor Syteline cloud-compatibility is an excellent example of its dynamic nature. Manufacturers can run the ERP as a fully cloud-based application and ensure efficient security, server, and user access management. However, that doesn’t leave those working on-premise alone or behind. Manufacturers working on on-premise systems can run it on-premise as efficiently as those running it on the cloud.

We hope the above could provide an insight into the pros of Infor Syteline ERP. Connect with Fidel if you are intrigued enough or want to know more about how Infor Syteline ERP can help you achieve a competitive manufacturing management advantage. Fundamentally, it will help you streamline your manufacturing processes. Measurable benefits like cost-savings, time-savings, and efficiency increases will flow automatically as outcomes! Email us at to talk to our experts and discuss your needs in detail.

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