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Web Portal in Local Languages for Financial education – Case study

About the Client:

Client is an NGO working in Financial Literacy for under privileged citizen. They provide Financial education in Indian local languages. It works for customer education, training and make them financially literate and aware. It targets to the rural population, underprivileged segments, high school students and elderly people to teach them Netbanking, Online shopping, online bill payment, online money transfer in their native languages.

Business Requirements:

  • The client required a web portal where they can share the learning content for E-commerce activities and provide certificates after online test in different languages.
  • The client wanted to give a great user experience to native users on Netbanking, Online shopping, online bill payment, online money transfer, etc. in their local languages.

Project details:

Service: Web Development
Source language: English
Target languages: Hindi, Marathi


  • Web portal should be in English, Hindi and Marathi languages for well understanding in rural people..
  • Use cases with dummy transactions and need to storage of data.
  • Login pages and linking web pages made the web portal complex.


  • Fidel developed a web portal which has dashboard in English, Hindi and Marathi languages and it contains online certification for beginner, intermediate and advanced level which can be completed after learning the courses and qualifying the online tests in the language which is selected on dashboard.
  • Online courses were added in different forms (written documents and videos).
  • Added test use cases with dummy data to get hand on experience on Netbanking, Online shopping, online bill payment, online money transfer.
  • Customers can go to the website, register themselves or login to the their existing account by using their email address or mobile number, can try test transactions on netbanking, online shopping, online bill payments and online money transfer. After completing the courses, customers can qualify for online test and get certificates.



The multilingual web portal has been instrumental in raising awareness and providing access to knowledge in the native language of rural communities. The courses have proved to be immensely beneficial, allowing people to utilize the knowledge gained for various online activities such as shopping, bill payments (electricity, gas, subscription, post-paid mobile bill, insurance premium, club membership, rent payment, and water bill), money transfers, and net banking, thereby helping them save both time and money in their daily lives. Moreover, many individuals have been able to secure employment opportunities by obtaining online certifications from these courses.