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Micro Blogging UI Localization

Micro Blogging UI Localization – Case study


Localize the UI and UA content of one of the Micro Blogging UI provider into 4 Languages.


    • To enable the social media App for non-English speaking people by providing the content in their native language.
    • Matching content with their locale and Translating it to be more user friendly for the local audience.


    • Explored and aligned experienced linguists to match local content with Social media translation experience.
    • Provided guidance and training to all the linguists along with the client’s instruction, which helped them to translate the source content carefully and clearly for non-English speaking people.
    • Translation was been done from the perspective of the Target audience.

    Project Details

    Service: Translation
    Source language: English
    Target languages: Bengali, Kannada, Marathi and Tamil
    Volume: 5 million words till date.
    TAT: 3 days every time
    Frequency: Weekly twice
    Technologies: XTM / MemoQ / Win OS / LST (internally developed PMS solution)


    This enabled easy access to use Micro Blogging app and website for non-English-speaking audience.
    This created more Social media users who can use mobile with their local languages and communicate and understand the Social media in their native language.
    It creates more users base with non-English-speaking people and regions across India