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Continuous Mobile UI Localization

Continuous Mobile UI Localization – Case study


Localize the Mobile UI into 12 Languages


    • Create Mobile UI application content with user friendly language for non-English-speaking users.
    • Translate the technical terms in simplified manner to reach local audience.
    • Menus and UA strings should be user friendly and easily understandable for non-English-speaking users.
    • Test it to ensure that it fits in the given space.


    • Created an in-house & external member team with experience of Mobile UI and UA content translation & testing
    • Localized the UI by translations & testing
    • Tested the UI text in client provided simulator to ensure right sizing of text

    Project Details

    Service: Translation, localization, testing
    Source language: English
    Target languages: Bengali, Hindi, Indonesian, Javanese, Kannada, Malayalam, Malay, Marathi, Punjabi, Sundanese, Tamil and Telugu
    Volume: 10 million words till date.
    TAT: 3-4 days every time
    Frequency: Bi-Weekly
    Technologies: SDL Passolo Translator / Win OS / LST (internally developed PMS solution)


    Client launched the Mobile and apps in Indian languages and other Asian regional languages.
    This helped them create a broader user base and enhance business volume. It helped the client mobile firm to expand their market across the Asian region.